Buying the Hype or Investing in it — Tesla Model S

We continue on the same series as the iPhone Hype Post, comparing the hypothetical of

If you choose to buy into the hype of the product or invested that same amount into the companies who made it.

Banner image for Bought or Invested in the Tesla Model S

The original Tesla Model S was shown to the public back in 2009 but with all the issues of product line delays the first Model S never delivered to first lucky 20 customers till June 22nd 2012.

That same day TSLA stock closed at $31.29 US / stock.

Infographic of invested/bought all 4 versions of the Tesla Model S

Breakdown of the Data

Below is the breakdown by each step to consider while analyzing stocks and the cars themselves. I took a slightly different approach to this comparison and used all 4 models in my analyzes. Since Tesla stock has had a run for its money in the past 4 years. Depending on how much you invested back in 2012 created a very wide range of potential gains if you had invested in them.

Initial Investment

At the time Tesla Model S came in 4 different choices for cars. Outlined below is each car (+range) and how many stocks could have been bought at the end of the trading day on June 22nd 2012.

Breakdown of Cars and Stock Prices for those investment amounts.

Stock Splits

Tesla stock was possibly going to split for the second time, with early talks in 2022 however that didn’t end up happening so the only record split is on August 31st 2020 with a 5-for-1 split. Making your stock count 5x larger for Tesla if you had invested before that date.

Breakdown of all 4 Cars and Stock # and Stock Price as of April 29th 2022

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Happy Investing, or not!

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