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Tyler Hackbart
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3 min readFeb 12, 2024


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We are not new to content creation, but reflecting on our first year of making content all year, there are a couple of areas where we will be focusing our time in the future due to the data.

Currently our content output centres around 3 main areas:

  • Business Advice — Social Networking Posts, Service Reviews
  • ExperiencesSmartie Home, Hackathons, Data-Driven Choices (Like this post)
  • Our Updates — Releases, Quarter Updates, Yearly

All of these areas are in written form, however, we have seen an appealing approach to expanding it to other media in the future. (More information later 👀)

Most of our content you can access here, with the only exception of Service Reviews which are located on our website. So it has been broken into their own sections since the target and output are different.

Blogging Post Results

Here are some key metrics that stood out while reflecting:

  • Impressions up 8% from 2022
  • Followers are up 9.6% for the year of 2023
  • Experience Posts account for 2/3 of Impressions
  • Business Advice Posts had the most claps

Here is some data we collected:

Accumulated Views from Posts Published in that Month (ex. December posts has 46 total views across all articles published in December)
Per Month Access Stats

Service Results (Directly on Website)

Here are some key metrics that stood out while reflecting:

  • People stay engaged on these Reviews far longer than any other pages on our website
  • Suggested content at the bottom of our Service Review work for engaging
  • Expansion into Application Service Reviews has been well received

Here is some data we collected:

Last 12 Months of Service Review on JBMD
Last 3 Months of Service Reviews on JBMD

Effect on the Results

In 2023, we stepped away from social networking a bit as we tried to find our footing. We recurrently posted recycled things that didn’t feel like we were positively contributing to our brand and growth. We took that focus and poured it back into the building and it was well worth it. We are not 100% off of social as we still post our new content there.

We just no longer post content related to our catalogue of apps unless there has been a new update or release.

Based on the data we have collect, we are focusing to expand our experience category as it is the biggest recurring growth since its personal, helps customer made decisions and weed out issues we accoutred so you don’t have to.

Keep tabs on us anywhere you follow us.

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