Data-Driven Choices — Shopping Icons

Tyler Hackbart
Juice Box Monkey Designs
3 min readFeb 21


Shopping Icons

Over the last little while we have been building out a new app and during the journey, we considered leaving customizations to a later version original but we thought. Customizations are fun, they make the product your own. For this app,

As a user, I would like to categorize my shopping items

Pretty straightforward with a name attribute for the category but to really made it unique we wanted to support a collection of icons to pick from.

But what icons represent shopping?

Breaking down the data

A quick google search displays pages and pages of shopping icons, what we will be using for our data set is Vecteezy and go through at least 300 icons and collect the most common icon types that are shown.

Example Data Point #1

Would be recorded as sale — 1 / wallet — 1 / money — 1 / tag — 1 / bag — 1 / credit card — 1 / basket — 1 / cart — 1

Example Data Point #2

Would be recorded as family— 1 / cart— 1 / shop— 1 / tag— 1 / basket— 1 / money— 1 / receipt— 1 / badge — 1

Example Data Point #3

Would be recorded as cart— 9/ bookmark— 1 / machine— 1 / coin — 1

If you want to view all the data for yourself, here are the collected links of all the images we used and how they were typed and tailed together.

Outcome Data

Out of 600 icons across 39 images, here are the findings:

Top 10 Icons recorded

Surprised Icons

These icons were not originally considered for the list for the app, but now have been added to the final list now based on this investigation.

Surprised icons that show up so often.

Random / Stretch Icons

These icons make sense if you think a bit and let your mind wander for a bit, however, they just feel like a stretch when it comes to shopping.

Stretch Icons.

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