Data-Driven Choices — User Growth

Tyler Hackbart
Juice Box Monkey Designs
3 min readApr 23


Data-Driven Choices — User Growth

One of the goals this year was to continue to track and make choices based on the data we collect. Meaning focusing more on building on existing growth than putting all our eggs into a basket that doesn’t get traction.

User Growth graph of 3W, JBMD, Chance Rope and Look Out Local

If we look at the last 12 months of user growth, there are 2 clear areas of the drive.

  1. Juice Box Monkey Design Website — Continuously marketing our services, releasing new content in Reviews and new project launches all divert to our site.
  2. 3W Writing App — We released a handful of new features in Q1 of 2022 which has continued to appeal to new users and also increased customer retention.

Now not all products have had continuous success, but we always take failure as a learning opportunity. Two of our lowest-growth apps are:

  1. Chance Rope — Our first game on iOS which had a stellar run at the beginning but has not been able to continue its stride. Growth has fallen flat since the ware of the last launch on the iPad. We will hopefully reenergize this with a new launch soon.
  2. Look Out Local — Extension for the Web taught us a couple of things about how most successful extensions have a bigger app backer that enhances that experience than a stand-alone extension. However, we have learnt deployments on various marketplaces and created a base extension to use in future projects. Not a loss, a stepping stone but we have chosen to step back on developing future versions of this app at this time.

Quarter 1 Data

While collecting and analyzing Quarter 1 data from all our properties and app, we have determined our Quarter 3 action plan based on how many new users have used our properties. It has also made us review our current portfolio and divert focus on committed ideas on existing projects due to low user growth.

New User Breakdowns of JBMD, 3W, Other Properties, Chance Rope and Look Out Local

Breaking down the user data inside Q1, we determined the focus in Q3 starting in July are:

  • To continue to create content for Juice Box Monkey Designs website
  • Focus on a new release for 3W Writing App with way more content and platform support
  • Launch, review and analyze a new version of Chance Rope

User growth is an important piece to verifying what we do, how we plan and how fast we execute as we grow our applications. We need to rely on proven outcomes based on user reactions and the growth of our properties so what we do today counts towards the bigger picture.

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