Goodbye Cold Weather — Quarter 1 of 2023

Tyler Hackbart
Juice Box Monkey Designs
3 min readApr 11


4 Collections are now offered on New Line Designs [Pixel, Striped, 8-Bit & Dots]

The snow is all gone and summer weather is here. During this quarter JBMD has released a handful of things. It felt like a slow quarter but looking back it was packed!

Released Dot Collection for New Line Designs

New Dots Collection

This is the first collection release for a while, we have been designing throughout Q4 of last year and finally got them all ready to release

Check all of them out here

New Reviews from JBMD

Three more reviews from our experiences in 2022, here they are:

New Update to Word Capture

This new update continued our accessibility commitment to support all our properties with functionalities that allow even more people to use our apps.

Set your app icon and style to the new Green from within Settings

We also supported a new quick widget for lock screens to jump into Word Capture fast and a handful of customization for app icons and colours.

Download for iOS: Word Capture

Now, this should be all but during this quarter we did something we haven’t done in quite some time, we ran a hackathon for IF I INVESTED .IN

New Updates to IF I INVESTED . IN

We didn’t have the plan to make any major updates to this web application, but to have a change of pace we threw three days at this app to build out some requests we have gotten.

New Card Display using the new Toolbar on IF I INVESTED . IN app

You can read all about the commitments here and it breaks down all the things we released as part of the hackathon

or try out the new stuff now

Oh wait, we still aren’t done…

Sneak Peak [ Coming Soon ]

Just App

Elevator Pitch: Why do all apps have to be constant updates and change experiences constantly to stay relative? Why can’t an app just be an app?

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😎 Go enjoy that sun!