I’m a sucker for Twitter

With everything that is going on in the news around Twitter and Elon Musk possibly or possibly not buying it, Twitter is still Twitter. Grand new ideas may shift things slightly, will it be good or bad…only time will tell. However the community has and will continue to be there on Twitter but Twitter will still always have a seat at the social table.

Now there are several reasons I could argue my personal opinions on Twitter, why you should use twitter and whats so great about some aspect of it, but instead I will just show you data related to why I am a sucker for Twitter.

Twitter is King for Juice Box Monkey Designs


Part of running Juice Box Monkey Designs and the several other apps beside it, means there is a lot of managing social awareness. Over the last 2 years I have been making big strides to be more present on social for these apps. If I am already there, why not contribute, is my logic. But the more accounts I set up, the less I have set up on Facebook, Instagram and the Meta environment.

The biggest reason of why I gravitate to Tweeting and Twitter is the quick and short engagement it requires. There is limits, threads and a mix of different visual assets.

It’s not one thing and it’s not all things.

You don’t get lost with levels and levels of item details, descriptions, information that is ultimately just giving data back to the specific social platform. As well as the apps I am running are a mixture of categories. I am not trying to sell something with hundreds of different products which have lots of photos that I could continuously post. I also don’t create video, I may in the future but not at the engagement level that something like Instagram Reels or TikTok requires.

Totalling all my accounts up and where they are, you can see a defined line of my preferences.

Breakdown of Social Accounts for JBMD

The ease of account management also couples with the ease of posting. It’s short, sometimes visual, but there is little to no obligation just like other social networks, but with one big plus. Twitter is much easier to fall into and post on the fly and get out just as fast.

Not to mention memes

Memes are everywhere, Twitter is no exception. But there is just another level to memes on Twitter where it is just social acceptable to post memes every day without a bat of an eye. It also hosts some of the best memes from corporate America we have seen, fuelling even more acceptance of memes. Allowing the asset library that you could consider for a tweet to be even bigger.


Scratching the surface above, over the last 2 years I have moved further and further away from Facebook. Now you might be wondering if its personal choice since Facebook, or Meta technically has been handling hitting its ceiling. But even if the company is choosing certain things, the usage of Instagram and Facebook are still very high. TikTok has came in swing but there is still a massive audience across all the social networks.

The biggest problem is the spectrum of audiences and twitter just fits where my ventures sit.

Social Web Breakdown of where Twitter and Facebook live

100% of the items Juice Box Monkey Designs is working on has a technology element to them, either from the programming side or the audience that the app is for. With Twitter having a large technical community it just makes sense to be within that area.


No, I am not going to say that ads are bad, ads are here to stay. Each social platform has its processes on delivering ads. Even the platforms themselves have the layers of complexity to ad delivery and exposure. I have ran ads on both networks in the last year. Usually centred around awareness of something. However the return on engagement from a Twitter ad and Facebook ad (which includes all the different networks in Meta) it still does not compare to the results and actions.

Campaign results with same audience, same locations and same cost on Twitter and Facebook for May 2022

Just doubling down on the targeted community that Twitter has for the things Juice Box Monkey works on. As I increase awareness on the platform with more content or new account, I am also increasing the likelihood of running ads on the platform as well. I will continue to run ads on both networks to get more exposure for the things I am working on, but that doesn’t mean I will expect the same results knowing what I know from past experiences.

This is not about comparing social networks and why one is better than the other. Nor is this crowning one over the other for specific reasons why it works for how I run things, this is just showing you based on data why I am a sucker for Twitter.

Happy Marketing!

Additional Resources

Juice Box Monkey Designs — Website

Twitter Account — @JBMDesigns



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