Snow, Ice and Rain, but obviously that didn’t stop us — Quarter 1 of 2022

Spring is coming, even if most days are rainy at least it is warmer.

JBMD started the year off with some previous app updates but also starting some new things for 2022.

Update to 3W

Elevator Pitch: An app that gives you suggestions of WHO, WHAT, WHERE (3W’s) to fight writers block. Now with stars!

3W Starred Card View around notebooks, ready to write that story

This new version has the ability to star any card to keep it for a later idea. As well as a new feature called “Fast Card Mode” that props you with 1 Who, 1 What and 1 Where to use in a story right away.

Fun fact more people have downloaded 3W since this update came out a month ago than the whole history of the previous version.

We are very excited for the future!

Download for iOS: 3W Writing App

Update to IF I INVESTED . IN

This update includes two logic heavy updates to the application.

  1. Stock Split Adjustments — We know splitting can be difficult and with stocks doing them multiple times over the ownership of a stock you might not know how many stocks you really own. We do all the heavy lifting for you.
  2. Override Investment Amounts — This allows you to put in the exact amount you paid, considering discounts or banking fees, we adjust accordingly.
What if I invested 10 Stocks in Apple in 2010, today it would be worth 280 stocks. Now Supports Stock Split Adjustments.

Visualize your investment now! 📉 📈

Check it out: IF I INVESTED . IN

Upvote on Product Hunt

New Things 🔒

I can’t say much about these things yet. Top shelf secret right now. However there are 2 exciting things being worked on right now and we can’t wait to share it with you soon.

Sneak Peak at Q2

Chance Rope is coming to the iPad (est May 2022)

or play it now on a smaller iOS device: Chance Rope

Follow us on twitter for the most up to date information.

👋 Happy Coding



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Tyler Hackbart


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