Summer Vacation, more like summer work. Quarter 2 of 2022

Looks like summer, feels like summer and that means longer days. And with longer days, you guessed it means longer time to work…

JBMD has mostly been working on a couple core items that aren’t fully ready to be released in the world. However here are some things we did get to ship out.

Chance Rope for iPad

Elevator Pitch: A game of chance, displaying your odds, then pick a rope.

Localized, VoiceOver and iPad Support for Change Rope

Change Rope for All

This new update to Chance Rope not only grew to a bigger screen but it was jam packed with accessibility features that allow for even more people to play! Not to mention it has expanded to 46 countries and we are very existed for the future of Chance Rope.

Check it out now on iOS: Download Today

Roar in the summer blockbuster

Jurassic World has been out for a couple of weeks now and our dino sticker is frying off the shelf . It has easily became our best selling sticker (neon green)

We have been working on a full collection of dino based stickers, follow New Line Designs for more details on when we will be releasing those.

Dino Stickers

Want one for your computer: Get now

IF I INVESTED.IN Survey Contest

Over a couple months we ran a survey about IF I INVESTED.IN and a lot of people filled out the survey for a chance to win an Apple HomePod.

🇨🇦 Terry from Alberta Canada won!

Contest ended on May 31st

Visualize your investment now! 📉 📈… unless you don’t want to, I understand.

Check it out: IF I INVESTED . IN

Upvote on Product Hunt

Sneak Peak at Q3

We have been working on this one for a bit now and we are planning to release it very soon.

Design of a new app made by JBMD

It is build on a recurring issue that many people face while online shopping every day. When you find that really sweet deal and are super excited about finding it and then find out you aren’t on the localized site. That your sweet deal just turned sour because the listing is in USD and you are from Canada. We hate that feeling, so we are trying to catch it before it’s too late.

Coming soon!

Follow us on twitter for the most up to date information.

Enjoy the sun ☀️



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Tyler Hackbart


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