Wrapping up with the end of the year

The holiday season is in full motion, but for some it has came and gone.

However it wouldn’t be another month without a list of new things from JBMD while we finish off the year. It might have not been a full month, but we checked off the final things we wanted to complete for 2021.

Launching Chance Rope [NEW]

Elevator Pitch: A game of chance, displaying your odds, then pick a rope.

Chance Rope, download today

New app alert! We wanted to launch a game this year and we pulled it off. Built on the base of luck, Chance Rope displays your chances during each level. Based on your chances you have 2 choices, either taking a risk or hitting the lightbulb for a hint. (Enjoy, I know I got distracted playing it while building it.)

Check it out now on iOS: Download Today

Launching new 8-bit designs on New Line Designs

Elevator Pitch: We like technology and code, so we took it and made designs for it with an old school 8-bit twist.

Check them out: New Line Designs — 8 Bit Category

8-bit fun (from top left to right) Swift Logo, Github, Git, Green Terminal, Mongo Leaf and Python
I really really like the 8-bit Xcode Sticker 😍

December Update for IF I INVESTED.IN

This update includes some small bug fixes and two big helpful updates to the user experience.

  1. Edit Support — You can now change the quantity of stocks and the day of investment continuously to visualize several different variations.
  2. Recent Symbols — Easily select previous used stock symbols and fill out the form faster.
“Recent Symbols” Support now available

Visualize your investment now! 📉 📈

Check it out: IF I INVESTED . IN

Upvote on Product Hunt

Sneak Peak at Q1

[Plan still in development, more details soon]

Follow us on twitter for the most up to date information.

🎆 Happy New Year!




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