About juice & snacks


It was a nickname Ian picked up when he was in Japan. During his first month abroad, while making new friends, he realized everyone but himself had a nickname. (Even Cindy had one: Mama Cindy.) While watching a MacGyver flashback episode (the episode that explains why he’s afraid to use a gun, if you were curious), he misunderstood some dialogue where he thought MacGyver’s old friend Jesse was named Juicy. Ian thought that the name Juice would be a sweet nickname. It sure was.


It’s an abbreviated version of Cindy’s first & last name (c-naks). The name evolved to the logical, & more tasty looking, Snacks.

Juice and Snacks?

They met in Japan during a study abroad program at Okayama University. Sparks started flying during a month-long trip to the Philippines & Thailand, courtesy of their mutual friend & matchmaker Alex.

Why this site?

We thought this would be a great way to let people know about everything that’s going on with us. Almost like a newsletter, if you will. The way we see it, it beats getting an email from us every few weeks or so!

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