Google holiday party 2017

The life of a parent (or older people trying to act young): coming so early to the big party even before they officially open so we can get a head start & aim to finish the night early. We arrived nearly 30 minutes before the doors opened, so we used the time to stroll around Golden Gate Park. After walking for five minutes, we realized that December outside is freezing so we went back to wait at the doors until they opened.

Me & the wife on our annual date at the Google party. Of significance is that this is the first year she’s my +1. Of less significance is this new smile I’m trying out that isn’t really working. The zebras in the back are life-size but fake, by the way. Hurrah to science museums!

This video has sound, but you can watch it without because it has the same effect. I got to try out this silent DJ thing where a DJ is broadcasting music to these glowing headphones & you get this funny effect of people dancing in a quiet environment (in this case, it’s an dim aquarium). I’m dancing alone because people saw me dancing like this & turned to dance down another corridor.

Check out these young studs. The party got cooler as soon as they walked onto the dance floor. From my old team, former seat mates at work. I miss these guys.

The dessert section centerpiece, with the focal point something the chefs called the ‘Chocolate Volcano’. A nice arrangements of cupcakes with the whole table base covered in chocolate shavings. Was tempted to bite into the table itself to see if that was made of chocolate. Mmm…land of chocolate.

Group picture including me with my old boss. It’s always nice to bump into office colleagues outside of the work setting. She dresses fancy at work, no surprise she’s pretty fancy at the party as well.

One of the photo booths at the party reminded me of the ol’ Purikura photo booths in Japan where you can decorate your own photos with stickers & effects. Perfect opportunity to flex my dad jokes with some text. The party’s theme was Jurassic Park, by the way.