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Juice & Snacks

Oct 13, 2020

I’ve had my longboard for a few months now for neighborhood cruises, but all it did was make me yearn for my youthful skateboarding days. Made a new friend through my daughter’s school who’s around the same age as me & still actively skateboards, which inspired me to buy my own setup!

I Googled local skate shops to support during these hard COVID times, came across Society in San Carlos. Walked in, asked if they had a complete deck, picked up this Enjoi beauty because it was the cheapest.

I hardly know any skateboard tricks, & I’m sure it’ll be hard to learn new ones since I’m hardly spry. When I was 14, I learned how to ollie. Not too long after that after booking it down a bumpy sidewalk, I took a bad spill, fractured my right hand, then stopped skateboarding since. Cindy knows this story, so the stipulation for reviving my new hobby is that I needed to protect my moneymakers, so I also bought some wrist guards that I need to wear while riding.



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Ian Sagabaen

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