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3 of the Best Kinds of Video Games to Resell

3 of the Best Kinds of Video Games to Resell

You might think video games don’t hold their value because when you go to exchange them at the store you typically get a small amount of money in exchange. This isn’t true.

Actually, most stores give people significantly less money for their used games because they plan on selling the same game you just gave them for more and making a profit from it. Instead of just giving your games up and getting barely anything back in return, you can sell them for more profit on a platform like eBay.

Keep in mind that you can do this for both the video games you own and games you come across at thrift shops and garage sales. It’s even common to find video games that are on clearance at Walmart for 3 or 4 cents. Basically, any video game that you can accumulate for a low price or already own has an aftermarket value that people are willing to pay. But just like any other kind of sellable item, there are only certain kinds that will fetch you a real profit.

Members of Juiced IO already know which kinds of video games they can make profit from and actively look for them when they source items at stores. You can become a member of Juiced IO and receive exclusive information about profitable items to resell for a profit. Members are consistently making money in different ways and you can be one of them.

Additionally, one of the most profitable items you can resell is sneakers and Juiced IO is so connected in the sneaker community that members really receive a lot of benefits. From weekly free sneaker bots to backdoor pairs that can be resold for thousands of dollars, members can scale up a sneaker reselling operation quickly.

Going back to video games though, there are some that you should actively avoid and others that you need to start seeking out now.

Avoid professional sports games Games like Madden, NBA2K, and other professional sports that are tied to a specific year are dated. This means that a new game comes out every year and completely diminishes the value of previous years.

This doesn’t apply to college sports games because those are rarely produced and very popular.

Seek out gaming consoles Consoles sell for good money. If you can find a Nintendo 64 at a garage sale for $20 then you can flip it for a lot more on eBay.

As long as you can buy consoles for a low amount of money from garage sales or something along that nature, then you can flip them for much more on the aftermarket.

In demand games Some games like Call of Duty or Halo have a cult following. This means that many people continue to play older games in the series even though there are much newer versions released.

If you already have some of these games or you can find these types of games then you can be sure to sell them for a good profit on the aftermarket.

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