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3 Profitable Styles of Air Jordans to Invest In

3 Profitable Styles of Air Jordans to Invest In

Reselling sneakers has been very profitable for years and can be a great way to accumulate money quickly by doubling your money over and over again. However, not all sneakers are created equally. Some resell for a lot of money while others tend to be stagnant or even decrease in value.

You need to know what you’re looking for if you want to start reselling sneakers and be good at it. Not only do you have to be informed about where to buy sneakers and where to sell them, but you’ll also want to know which sneakers to go after.

For example, without doing any research do you know if an Air Jordan 5 will sell better than an Air Jordan 4? If the answer is no, then you should dabble around on aftermarket platforms to get an idea about how much money different sneakers are selling for. If you knew the answer to that question without having to look it up then you probably already have a really good idea about which Air Jordans resell for good money.

Juiced IO members know exactly which shoes to go after and resell. They get detailed information before every drop about the risk each sneaker is to buy and try to resell, the money they could make, and where they can buy/sell the shoe. This information isn’t just available for Air Jordans, but all hyped sneaker drops.

If you’re just starting out and really don’t know where to begin, here’s a starting point about three Air Jordans that you probably be able to make good money from if you try to resell them. Keep in mind that these suggestions aren’t a guarantee. It’s just what the market is seeing at the time of writing this story.

Air Jordan 1 High Yes, the Air Jordan 1 High has been a powerhouse sneaker on the resale market for a few years at this point. It seems like no matter what the colorway is of this shoe, it will make you some money because people really want it that bad.

OG colorways of the Air Jordan 1 High sell for a ton of money on the aftermarket. Popular colorways that aren’t OG still sell for a ton of money on the aftermarket. Less popular colorways that people aren’t too high on don’t sell as well at first on the aftermarket but seem to eventually go up in value over the course of a few months.

At the time of writing this, you can’t go wrong with trying to resell an Air Jordan 1 High OG in men’s or GS sizes.

Air Jordan 4 The Air Jordan 4 is a sleeper to many resellers but people are starting to come around and realize how great of a mover it is on the aftermarket. This style typically takes a little longer to go up in value, but when it does it can double or triple in price.

Some of the same rules for reselling the Air Jordan 1 apply to the Air Jordan 4: -OG colorways always do better. -Holding the sneakers for a couple months will result in making more money because prices will go up. -Both men’s and GS sneakers do well on the aftermarket.

Air Jordan 11 Last, but certainly not least, is the Air Jordan 11. Air Jordan 11s have always done well on the aftermarket. It’s because there is such a high demand for the style of sneaker.

Actually, if you want to invest all of your money in one lump sum then the 11s might be the sneaker for you to do it. A ton of pairs are produced and they almost always go way up in value within a year.

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