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3 Profitable Styles of Jordan Retros

3 Profitable Styles of Jordan Retros

When it comes to selling shoes, it’s obvious that some styles of kicks resell for more than others. It’s because Jordan Retros go through trends of what people like and there is a specific demand for a certain style of shoes.

If you want to resell sneakers, you have to acknowledge that not every type of sneaker you personally like will translate to what potential buyers will like. Capitalizing on the right types of styles will make you more money in the long run.

With that said, you’re in luck. This story will help you figure out exactly which types of Jordan sneakers you can invest in right now to start making a profitable return. Some of these shoes might be worth more than others depending on what colorways you purchase but for the most part, if it’s one of these three Jordan Retro styles, it will sell for good money sooner or later.

Air Jordan Retro 1

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, the Air Jordan Retro 1 has been doing numbers on the resell market. The popularity of this style of shoe has skyrocketed and any colorway is guaranteed to make you some money especially if you’re able to hold onto it.

On top of that, it’s not just the Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG style that is returning a nice profit. Resellers have been seeing a lot of profit for both the low top and mid versions of the shoe. This style of shoe in general has been generating a lot of buzz.

Typically, only really sought-after colorways of a shoe sell well on the resale market, but for the Air Jordan Retro 1, all colorways resell for profit. It’s definitely a shoe that you want to have on your radar because it’s been the most popular shoe on the market for the past few years and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime in the near future.

Thanks to apps like TikTok, even the GS (grade school) sizes of the Air Jordan 1 are performing just as well as the adult pairs.

Air Jordan Retro 4

Jordan Retro 4s are more of a sleeper when it comes to how profitable they are. This shoe is so overshadowed by more common retros like the Jordan 1 that it flies really low under the radar.

One of the main reasons why the Jordan 4 is so profitable is because of its long-term resale value. Yes, some Jordan 4s are immediately profitable on the resale market the day they are released. However, OG colorways of the shoe perform extremely well after about a year or so of their release date.

If you take the Fire Red Jordan 4s that were released in 2020 and look at their prices, you’ll see that they are steadily moving up in value over the year of 2021. A pattern can be seen with the Bred Jordan 4s that were released in 2019. They are more than double in value in almost every size after two years. These shoes are worth holding for the long run, especially in OG colorways.

Air Jordan Retro 11

The Air Jordan Retro 11 has been a heavy hitter on the resale market for a long time now. Not only are they always valuable on the resale market, but the production numbers on this shoe have gone way up in the past few years. This way, it’s both profitable and easier to obtain a lot of pairs for more profit.

The thing about Retro 11s is that the high-top version typically only releases once a year around Christmas. On top of that, they can take anywhere from 6–12 months to really increase in value because there are so many of them released. But you can bet that they will definitely always increase in value so it’s always a solid purchase.

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