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Are Prices on the Sneaker Aftermarket Falling?

Are Prices on the Sneaker Aftermarket Falling?

If you’ve been paying attention to platforms like eBay, StockX, and GOAT Marketplace, you might’ve noticed that the prices for some sneakers have fallen significantly in the last few months.

Just a few months ago, hyped sneakers like Jordan 1 ‘Hyper Royals’ and Jordan 4 ‘University Blue’ were selling for over $400. Now, both of those sneakers are selling in the mid-$300 range.

It’s true that more pairs are still being released, but is this really the reason that we’re seeing such a plummet in prices on the aftermarket?

The answer to that question goes into more detail than a simple yes or no.

Members of Juiced IO already know what the answer is to the question about the market. Right now, members are preparing themselves for the next couple months by putting themselves in the best positions to succeed. They’re able to do this by getting detailed information from Juiced IO and applying it to their reselling.

If you’re unsure about the future of the sneaker market and you think you might panic with the kicks you’ve been holding in the hopes of a good return then you need to join Juiced IO to see what is most likely coming for the sneaker market in the next few months.

There are a few tips I can give you about what’s happening with the market right now and what you might want to be ready for in the future. By no means is this a prediction, it’s just an observation about the situation sneaker resellers are in.

Stimulus checks running dry When stimulus checks were being passed around like the collection plate at church, the sneaker market was on steroids. Prices were through the roof. We were in a bubble.

And just like other items that went up in value during the height of the pandemic, the sneaker market has come down from its bubble.

We’re starting to see the return of normal resell prices for sneakers. Not every Jordan 1 is automatically selling for more than $300 anymore.

As prices start to return back to normal, we will continue to see regular numbers on the aftermarket.

We’re used to seeing high resell The sneaker market was in a bubble for such a long time that most sneaker enthusiasts became accustomed to paying more for the sneakers they wanted. It became the new normal for a while.

For resellers, this looks like the sneaker market is crashing but in reality, we’ve all just gotten so used to high prices that now the lower ones are scaring us.

Will the sneaker market fall off? No. There’s no chance that the sneaker market will die off. It’s here to stay.

The sneaker industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that’s growing every year. More people want shoes now than ever.

The aftermarket is just experiencing a plummet in price that’s similar to many other markets.

Some other examples are the housing market and car market. Both of those have been extremely high but analysts are predicting cars to return to normal prices soon and they’re predicting the housing market to come down sooner or later as well.

Basically, don’t panic when you look at aftermarket prices. Hold onto your shoes and see what happens in the coming months.

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