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Best sites to sell and buy sneakers and apparel

Best sites to sell and buy sneakers and apparel

Buying sneakers in the first place can be a tough task. No one can find it easy especially if you don’t have expensive software at your hand to use. Trying to beat bots on sites and attempting as many raffles as you can, it is not easy to get your hands on these sneakers.

With sneaker reselling becoming more and more popular, it makes it harder and harder. However, you get lucky on that long-anticipated release day and get your self a pair or two. Now, where do you sell?

Today I am going to show you my two top choices for places to sell and even buy sneakers if you got very unlucky. I will be basing them off what have the best fees and which are the best and easiest to use. This will include their pros and cons to help you decide the best.

1 — Grailed — Grailed is known to be the lowest fee platform. This means you can maximise profits. The fees are %9 plus PayPal fees. If you have had experience with other platforms already, you will know this is much better.

When selling — They have the lowest fees meaning you can get the most profits out of an item you are trying to sell. Also, the option to communicate with sellers/buyers is very useful as it allows bargaining and also discussions about the item. Not only this but they don’t only allow sales of deadstock shoes (brand new). They also allow you to sell used shoes meaning you don’t need to hold them forever as they might have a second lover.

Grailed doesn’t have specific stock as it is a marketplace. This means sometimes if an item is in high demand then you’ll find yourself waiting as long as you would for those sneaker releases. Also, Grailed isn’t one of the most known marketplaces and it definitely isn’t the first place where people would go to sell items however they do have many benefits making it worth it.

When buying — People having lower fees means they will be more willing to go lower on an item price. This means it is easier to bargain or you will even find cheaper prices anyway.

There is no authentication meaning some un honest sellers may attempt to sell fake products to you. But they do verification on each item posted to ensure there is proof the item is in hand.

StockX — Probably one of the most well-known platforms that people use to sell and buy sneakers and apparel. However, they also cover many other things such as handbags, watches, consoles and many more. They offer a wide variety of product choices to sell and buy from. However, being the most known, they are probably the most expensive.

When selling — StockX has authentication services that ensure products sent to buyers are real 100% of the time. This saves the worry and risk of buying fake products. This means there are no chargeback risks from scamming buyers making to safe for everyone.

StockX sometimes has its downs. They have much higher fees compared to other sites, not only this but depending on where you live, you will need to pay shipping to the authentication centres meaning profits are cut into. You also cannot sell used items making it harder to sell your used shoes.

When buying — You are 100% guaranteed to receive a brand new (deadstock) and real item when buying through StockX. You also do not need to buy at prices set by sellers, you can set an ask meaning you can put a bid in with the price you want and wait for a seller to accept.

The stock page needs to be uploaded by the site before you can list it meaning there isn’t much freedom on the items you can buy. Items can take longer to arrive because of the authentication process meaning you could find yourself waiting longer than somewhere like eBay or Grailed.




Juiced is an app that helps you find the best products to resell online.

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