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Best Sneaker proxies 2021

Best Sneaker proxies 2021

So you have heard of proxies but are unsure of what they are or where to start? Well below we I am going to briefly explain why you will need proxies and some top picks for the best providers. All bots use proxies, they need them to function to their full capacity.

Why do you need proxies? — People who have botted before, know that many sites won’t allow you to make too many requests to their site otherwise they will catch on. When using bots, you are making many connections to a site at one time. If done just on a home IP, the site will pick this up and block you from accessing it pretty easily.

Now to hide this IP of yours so sites do not realise you are coming from the same location, you can use proxies. The proxies hide your IP and to the site, it looks like you are connecting from many places.

Having proxies means you can run more and more tasks meaning more chances to check out those sneakers you have been waiting for. When taking reselling more seriously, you will need to buy more shoes per drop so you can maximise the amount of profit you can make each drop.

Proxy type and site recommendations:

Supreme — Residential proxies and DCs (less reccomended) Footsites — Good residential proxies and DCs Shopify Sites — Good DCs or Residentials Nike — Residential Proxies Yeezy supply / Adidas — Residential proxies

Now, you don’t need to buy proxies that work on ALL sites. If you know a provider only works on some sites and those are the ones you are targeting, then you know that those would be the better option as most likely they’ll be cheaper also.

So here is the list:

Smartproxy — They are probably the most well-known proxy provider there is in the sneaker community. They provide great quality proxies which not only have good speeds but work on most if not all sneaker sites. They have pools of over 40M IPs meaning bans will be unlikely. They also provide a LOT of support via tutorials making your life much easier.

Oxylabs — Oxylabs have had great performance however recently their footlocker luck hasn’t been the best. However, this doesn’t mean they work in many other sites, which they do. They sometimes outperform smart proxy however having issues on footlocker can be a big downside. They also aren’t cheap and have a high starting price. They are a better option for bulk buying which could be done if you are an experienced botter.

PacketStream — PacketStream is probably the cheapest but surprisingly reliable proxies. They work on many sites however they do not have a lot of success. For the price they are, it could be worth a try because there have been reports of them working on many sites with checkouts. They don’t do cities yet meaning if you are trying to filter to get the best speeds, you may have issues with that.



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