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How to design packaging for dropshipping

How to design packaging for dropshipping

Making your packaging look the best is very important in dropshipping as explained in a previous blog. They help build a better customer base as it shows how professional your business is and makes it more personal for your customers.

Today we talk about how to find and make designs for packaging so you can apply it to your own to gain better and recurring customers boosting your dropshipping business.

Do your own looking — Do some research yourself, for example, look at who your customers are. You want to look at the type of products you are selling also. This means you can cater the designs to your business and the product type you are selling. You can do competitor research so you can see what’s doing best and what your customers will appreciate most.

Choosing packaging type for the product — You need to think about what your product will go in. This means that there is suitable packaging for a type of product that can work nicely. Some examples: Boxes, cans, bottles, jars, envelopes, wrappers, cartons, cardboard tubes and more.

You want to ensure the packaging looks good, makes sense as in the customer will see the packaging is generally used for that product in other places, it works well and is functional and lastly, it will work for shipping, not too delicate or too heavy bringing extra costs.

Thinking about what you need to include — You need to decide what that product packaging may need to go with. This will help to add them look nicer or could be for practical reasons like protecting the product.

Your customer will be receiving a shipping box with the product packaging inside, you could think about what you could add to make the product look better or to make the unboxing more memorable for the customer. For example, you can add personalised shipping tape/branded shipping tape to make the boxes look more professional. You also need to consider things that would protect the item like packaging nuts or shredded paper.

Designing the packaging — You don’t need to do this yourself, there are plenty of places you can hire people to do it for cheap or extremely professionally. For example, you could check a professional freelance site that is more expensive or use a service like Fiverr to get a quick and cheap graphic done. Not saying the Fiverr option is the worst idea as you can find very talented people there if you do enough research meaning you can get the packaging looking its best.

When speaking to a designer or doing it yourself, you need to think of a few things to plan it out and ensure it is something that would match the business and or product. The packaging needs to be direct meaning the consumer should know what the product is just by looking at its packaging. So you can look at the colour scheme going to be used, images which could relate to the product and business and its aesthetic.

You will find many services and companies who do the branding packaging and designing services meaning its much easier for you as its all in one place. You can just tell them what you are looking for and they can do the rest.

Getting feedback on the design — This is important to get a second opinion. Something that you think looks great may not to a peers eyes. You could also ask customers doing a survey but using family or friends would be better in this situation.

You also need to submit it to the packaging company to ensure it is to their standard and would actually work. Maybe even get a sample to ensure the print transferred correctly and ensure it all aligns up.

Start printing and shipping — You have received good feedback and you are happy with the end product, its time to get them made and use them! You can order bulk from many services and then start shipping!



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