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Is Now the Right Time to Start Pool Flipping?

Is Now the Right Time to Start Pool Flipping?

The summer is right around the corner and warm weather means pool parties, pool cooldowns, and pool memories. You had many opportunities to purchase pools leading up to this moment because Walmart has been stocking them for 2 months at this point.

The short answer to whether or not now is the right time to start pool flipping is yes now is the time, but don’t wait any longer.

That’s right, it’s approaching the beginning of summer which is still a valuable time to sell your pools, but can be a difficult time to find pools because so many people are looking for them. Not to resell, but just to buy and use.

If you were a member of Juiced IO then you would already have a steady supply of pools stocked away that were all purchased for retail price. That way, all you’d have to be worried about right now is moving your product and selling it the best way possible to make a profit. Members of Juiced IO get information like this and other profitable flips that are way before other people.

Now, if you were able to secure pools for retail price back in March and April then you might be curious about how you can flip them for a profit. They will sell like hotcakes but you have to know where to sell them and how to get them to people.

The tough part is getting your pools to your customers. It’s not impossible to ship a pool in the mail, but it is expensive no matter what shipping option you choose. You could be looking at anywhere between $60 and $100 in shipping fees alone. Local pickup is the best option, but choosing the best platform to sell on for local pickup can be difficult.

Juiced IO members already have information about the best places and platforms to sell their pools, but for everyone else here are a few tips.

OfferUp If you look on OfferUp, you’ll see a lot of pool sales. Probably even sales for the type of pool you have. Most people on OfferUp are looking for a local meetup which is great because it’s incredibly expensive to send a pool through the mail.

If you decide to sell your pool on OfferUp then it’s best you meet at a public spot like a police station or coffee shop. Somewhere that you don’t have to worry about being robbed or any friction between you and your buyer.

eBay Pickup The platform eBay is a great one for selling items and more well-known than OfferUp. The site has a feature where you can list items for local pickup and not have to worry about shipping them out.

But just like with OfferUp, it’s best you meet at a public spot. Some police stations have a room meant just for meetups so call and ask if yours does.

Craigslist When all else fails, you can always turn to Craigslist to sell your pools and just about everything else.

Just like the other two platforms, make sure you’re meeting your customers somewhere safe. This applies double for Craigslist because there are already a ton of sketchy people using the site.

Looking to start reselling? Sign up now at https://juicedio.com



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