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Sealed Sets Vs. Graded Cards: Which Is More Profitable?

Sealed Sets Vs. Graded Cards: Which Is More Profitable?

The hype surrounding the card industry has remained steady for a few years now. With cards being such a profitable item to resell, a lot of questions have started to swirl in the card community.

One of those questions is whether a sealed set of cards will rise more in value than a graded card. The answer to this question will definitely depend on which sealed set is being discussed and which graded card you have.

However, there are a few factors you need to consider when buying sealed sets and buying graded cards that could largely affect your decision making.

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If you already have some sealed sets or graded cards and you’re curious about which might be more profitable, here are some factors to consider.

Reprints If you buy a large number of sealed sets and the card company decides to reprint that set, you won’t see as quick or as large of a return on your money. It’s due to a larger amount of supply flowing into the market from manufacturers causing the market to take a dive.

This can be seen with the recent reprint of multiple different Pokemon sets. The more the Pokemon Company reprints sets, the more the market will tank in value. These sets might return in value but it will take longer for them to rebound.

If you compare this to graded cards, you don’t have to worry as much because PSA 10s can’t simply just be reprinted. They have to be found in packs and graded first.

Also, if you own a graded card from a set that’s been retired then you know for sure that card won’t be reprinted and it will help the value of that graded card go up more.

Some sealed sets net more While some specific graded cards skyrocket in value like PSA Base Set Charizard cards, if you compare it to a sealed Base Set booster box, the Charizard card is worth so much more in value.

However, if you flip the scenario and look at graded Pokemon cards from sets in 2015 and compare it to sealed sets, you’ll find that more sealed sets from that time have gone up in value than cards.

The bottom line of comparing sealed sets to graded cards is that sealed sets in general tend to go up more in value than most graded cards because there’s a possibility of pulling any card from that set and then getting it graded. Whereas only specific popular graded cards really skyrocket in value over time.

It’s hit or miss with both so do your research and invest in the product that makes you feel more confident in holding for a long time to make a return.

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