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Juiice platform revenue model and community rewards

Not interested in creating, creating, marketing and trading the NFTs? No problem. All you need to do is have fun, upload content or interact with the application to earn rewards. There’s many ways to earn money on the Juiice platform. NFTs are one way to go about, however, we want to reward everyone.

To support early growth the project has set a substantial amount of JUC tokens aside for community rewards. This will enable us to reward early adopters and grow our user base, which will benefit the project and the users. More users means more content, fun, interaction and in turn, more revenue.

The project’s revenue will come from multiple sources including premium profile subscriptions, promotions, partnerships, royalties and more. Part of the revenue will of course be used to support the project’s growth and development. The other part will be distributed to users as reward for content creation and interaction with the platform’s content. This way revenue is distributed to those who helped generate it, and made it happen in the first place.

Users will be collecting PULP, internal platform token, with different interactions on the platform. At the end of each month the PULP will reset while the users will receive a part of the platform’s revenue in JUC tokens corresponding to the amount of PULP they gathered. The math is pretty simple. You will get the percentage of the platform’s revenue assigned for rewards that resembles the percentage of PULP you gathered with participation on the Juiice platform. You will be able to claim the rewards at any point in time or stake JUC tokens for more rewards in the future.

Now, let’s look at the content interactions that will earn you PULP rewards. This list is not enclosed and we’ll be adding many more rewarding opportunities in the future.

Juiices. Juiices are the Juiice platform’s version of the ‘likes’. You will be rewarded for every Juiice you receive on your content.

Commenting. Users will be rewarded for commenting, celebrating, discussing or providing constructive criticism on other people’s content. The more users participate in discussions the greater the reward. We have a system developed that detects recurring spam messages and exploit attempts with near perfect accuracy. Those are not rewarded and users that are flagged are banned for a short time period from gathering any rewards on the platform. Any user can appeal the ban. If the ban is lifted, the user will receive the whole reward amount for the banned period that he or she would otherwise have received.

Sharing. Sharing your own or other people’s content will be rewarded with a significant boost in case the share brings in new users to the platform. The reward will be distributed between the content owner and the person sharing the content.

Reporting. Users will be able to report content. Even though we do not plan to have a strict content policy, posts promoting or mentioning child abuse or any smiliar actions will not be tolerated! We want to build a platform which will be safe, and will resemble the value system we cocreate. In case a report will result in the removal of content or banning of a user, the PULP from that specific post/user will be divided between the users that reported on the content. On the other hand if the system will detect a larger number of rejected reports the user reporting will be stripped of his or her PULP for the month, the PULP being distributed between the reported users and the offending user will be banned from reporting for a certain period of time.

These are the main content interactions that will earn the Juiice platform’s users rewards. Other actions will be added later on, some already developed and being actively tested. We’ll keep you posted.

Subscribe to our social media and stay tuned for updates. Early 2022 is going to be huge for the Juiice project!




Juiice is a gallery for viral user-generated content which rewards creators and influencers!

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