The Juked Discord bot is LIVE!

Ben Goldhaber
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3 min readJun 8, 2020


There’s something to be said for meeting users where they already are. And esports fans are definitely on Discord. That’s why I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of the Juked Discord bot!

The Juked bot’s main purpose in life is simple: to keep you up to date on your favorite esports games. Anyone can add the bot to their server, and it will immediately start spitting out updates about matches and tournaments when they go live with some basic high level information, including:

  • Tournament name
  • Stage of tournament (i.e. Group Stage or Grand Finals)
  • Match up (i.e. Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses-Best of 3)
  • Prize pool
  • Location
  • Stream link
  • More? Coming soonTM.
Here’s what a bot message might look like.

Of course, you can customize the bot to fit your preferences.

Only want to see updates about Dota 2? Sure thing. Want to get updates on your top 15 esports titles? We support that too (yes, there people who watch that many esports). Only want to see tier 1, premier events or want to see it all? We got you.

In future versions we plan to allow you to opt in for notifications about your favorite esports teams or events as well!

How to add a custom Juked bot to your server

Step 1: Click here to add the bot to your server. Select which server you’d like to add the bot to. Make sure to allow the bot to Manage Webhooks, Send Messages, and Manage Roles.

Step 2: The Juked bot will add a “Juked Admin” role to your server. Add this role to the users that will be using the Juked Bot (your mods and admins, primarily).

Step 3: Type !juked games to see the full list of games we support and their short names.

Step 4: Then, add game updates to your server by typing !juked addgame gameshortname to add game updates to any channel you please.


!juked addgame csgo
!juked addgame lol

Note: whichever channel you type the command in is where the game-specific updates will show up, so you can set it up so that you have VALORANT updates in one channel and League of Legends updates in another.

Step 5: Type !juked help for additional commands or if you need help. The customization options are fairly minimal right now but dig in and let us know if you have any questions!

…and that’s pretty much it! We have a number of enhancements and new features we plan to role out over time, but for now, its very straightforward and hopefully an awesome resource for esports fans like yourself!

We’d absolutely love to get your feedback on the Juked Discord bot. Join our Discord and let us know what you think in the #discord-bot channel.

We hope you enjoy using the bot. ❤



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