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Book Review: Deep Time Vol. 1 by Black Bough Poetry

Deep Time: Volume 1 by Black Bough Poetry is a powerful collaboration that immerses the reader into an underworld that stretches into the soul. Inspired by and dedicated to Robert Macfarlane, this anthology, edited by Swansea poet, Matthew M C Smith, with support from Guest Readers Laura Wainwright, Jack Bedell and Ankh Spice, resonates with the ethos of his award-winning book, Underland. In the first volume we are also treated to music composed by Stuart Rawlinson, which is available online on the ‘Deep Time’ Soundcloud playlist; a free resource that combines the…




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Ann van der Giessen

Ann van der Giessen

Author/artist in Wales. Writes about mental health/mindfulness from the viewpoint of a trauma survivor. Looking to encourage more light, hope & compassion.

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