10 Fitness Influencers You Need to Know

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From #MotivationMonday to #FitFriday, social media has changed the way we act at the gym. Top Instagram celebrities have gained millions of followers and are garnering the interest of top brands for endorsements. Today, we take a look at some of the most popular fat-tail fitness influencers.

10. Rachel Brathen

After moving to Aruba early 2010, Rachel started teaching yoga full time on the Caribbean island specializing in Vinyasa Flow. Also known by her handle, @yoga_girl, Rachel uses her social media channels to provide yoga tips while also documenting her travels and life as a soon-to-be mom. With millions of followers from all over the world, Warner Brothers recently partnered with Rachel to promote their movie, Creed.

9. The Hodge Twins

Also known as the “Gains Comedians”, the Hodge Twins create, produce and publish videos on working out and eating healthy. International Sports Sciences Association Certified Fitness trainers, the Hodge Twins have over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube and over 80% of their total followers are male. Not only are the twins fitness influencers, they are accomplished comedians and thrive in improv scenarios.

The Hodge Twins after a show in San Antonio

8. Ingrid Macher

Born in Columbia, and seen as the most influential Hispanic in health and wellness in the U.S. and Latin America, Ingrid Macher is one of the top transformation coaches on social media. After losing 50 pounds in 90 days and achieving the most dramatic change of her personal life, Ingrid became the most reliable benchmark for millions of Latina women around the world. In fact, 47% of Macher’s followers are of hispanic heritage and 85% are female. Providing longform blog content to her followers, Ingrid’s most popular on Facebook with 10.2 million page likes.

7. Christmas Abbott

CrossFit competitor and Olympic weightlifter, Christmas Abbott encourages her followers to take on a healthy lifestyle through her 30-Day Body Challenge and her best selling novels. As a former member of a NASCAR pit crew, over 55% of Abbott’s followers are male. Looking into her audience’s demographics, the average individual income for her followers is between $10,000 and $19,999 and brands like Jerkfit and StrengthCrate are targeting them through co-sponsored posts.

6. Brendan Meyers

Calisthenics enthusiat, Brendan Meyers, is a 23-year old fitness leader inspiring his 2.5 million followers around the globe. After playing college football, Meyers transitioned to competing in calisthenics and creating videos to instruct others looking for motivation. Despite being based out of Florida, most of Meyers’ followers are located in New York City and London.

5. Joe Wicks

Saving his followers from low calorie diets and meal replacement shakes, Joe Wicks is a personal trainer and online coach looking to share his plan for eating healthy. With a Bachelor’s degree in sports science and 5 years of experience as a trainer, Wicks has provided over 50,000 client transformations with his 90 Day SSS Plan. Currently, Wicks’ has 4 million global followers with over 35% residing in England.

4. Daniel Saboya

Focusing on dance and choreography fitness, Daniel Saboya is a Portugese fitness influencer inspiring others through movement and music. With instructional videos on the latest dance moves, Saboya is most popular on YouTube with over 3.6 million subscribers on the platform. Accompanied by fellow dance influencers, Izabela Leite Lima and Rosana Maria Marquez, 84% of Saboya’s followers are female and fall between the ages of 17 & 24.

3. Marc Fitt

Residing from Quebec, Marc Fitt is a 25-year old fitness model, personal trainer, athlete, and public speaker. In the last four years, Fitt has manged to become one of the world’s top fitness models by providing his 6.7 million followers across the globe with inspirational videos, pictures, podcasts and articles. Because of the video, text and imagery content he publishes, Facebook is Fitt’s most popular social network with close to 5 million followers on the platform. Fitt furthers his brand by providing workout programming, meal prep packages and personal training to his audience and encourages them to share their progress on social.

2. Michelle Lewin

Sharing workout routines, recipes and behind the scenes access at photoshoots, Michelle Lewin is currently one of the biggest stars in the fitness industry. With over 18 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Michelle gives an intimate look at everything from her training regime to her personal travel experiences. Currently, Michelle’s following is primarily male and approximately 45% of her total audience are between the ages of 20 and 24.

1. Jen Selter

Based out of Roslyn Heights, New York, Jen Selter is a fitness and health advocate, most well known for her presence on Instagram. With over 10 million followers on the photo sharing platform, Selter engages her audience with a free 30 day challenge that encourages participants to post workouts and meals to social media. Because of her incredibly faithful following, that is nearly 65% male, brands like Leesa Sleep, Calvin Klein, and That Bikini have tapped into Selter for co-branded posts.

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