E3 2017: How Gaming Influencers Shape the Buzz for Each Major Presentation

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By Chris Carbonaro

E3 in Los Angeles is easily the largest and most important video gaming conference of the year. It’s also a major source for announcements and news, the same way San Diego Comic Con is for film and TV. Gaming is arguably one of the most common influencer types on the digital spectrum, with over 3,000 video game based profiles on the Julius platform. Just to put it in perspective, the overall top digital influencer in terms of reach is PewDiePie, who is globally known for his gaming videos on YouTube.

With that being said, some of the most popular gaming personalities either made the trip to E3 or are talking about what went down in LA this week to get a glimpse of what’s to come in the near future of gaming. Here is some of our favorite sponsored content from some of the top gaming influencers at E3 2017:

1. The Game Theorists

Total Reach: 18M
Platform with the Highest Reach:
Average Engagement on YouTube: 4.6M

Matt Patrick and friends a.k.a. The Game Theorists, best known for their “What If”-style videos about popular games, took to Twitter this week to cover all the news coming out of E3. They produced a sponsored tweet for Electronic Arts’ Star Wars Battlefront II Tournament that captured the excitement in the most natural “Star Wars” way possible (and yes, I just used Star Wars as an adjective):

2. Rooster Teeth

Total Reach: 11M
Platform with the Highest Reach:
Average Engagement on YouTube: 318.3K

YouTube enlisted some of the top gaming influencers for their own E3 Coverage, having Rooster Teeth host live panels discussing everything to see and do at the conference this year. They also reviewed the presentations from the major developers:

3. iJustine

Total Reach: 10M
Platform with Highest Reach:
Average Engagement on YouTube: 385.3K

Justine got a chance to see the brand new Xbox One X that debuted at E3 this year in a hands-on video that she shared with her 3 million+ YouTube subscribers and 1.9 million Twitter followers:

4. DashieXP

Total Reach: 9M
Platform with the Highest Reach:
Average Engagement on YouTube: 3.6M

Dashie attended E3 this year and constantly live-tweeted the panels, specifically the Playstation panel, where Sony unveiled trailers and demos for new games such as Call of Duty: World War II, Spider-Man, and The Last of Us: Lost Legacy. However, the most excitement from Dashie came from the Ubisoft panel, where he and his friends gushed over the new Far Cry 5 trailer in a sponsored post:

5. YourHeroes

Total Reach: 7M
Platform with the Highest Reach:
Average Engagement on YouTube: 1.6M

While Lui Calibre hasn’t put out a YouTube video on his 4 million+ subscriber channel in a few months, he has been active on Twitter and Instagram. Calibre also made the trip to E3 this year to take in all of the action, and even caught up with the voice actor for Mario and Luigi, Charles Martinet.

Whether or not this was a sponsored post it still contributes to the excitement surrounding Nintendo’s presentation at E3. The most important thing to remember is how influential this event already is for gamers, and inviting the right gaming influencer to be there to take it all in and generate buzz for specific games can accelerate the hype for months to come.

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