Julius at SMWNYC: How Data Can Cure Your Influencer Headache

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Last Thursday, Julius CEO Jared Augustine was featured on a panel at Social Media Week New York alongside Cameron Curtis (Editor-in-Chief, Food Network Snapchat Discover), Ali Mirian (SVP of Product, Collective Bias), and Paul Marcum (President, Truffle Pig).

Julius at SMWeek: How Data Can Cure Your Influencer Headache

The panel assessed influencer marketing at a high level and focused on how data can help brands and agencies improve the success of their campaigns. Per SMWeek:

Learn how data is bringing transparency to influencer selection and pricing, powering differentiated creative campaigns, and enabling brands to measure results that impact their bottom line.
Influencers have immense potential to engage audiences in an authentic way, earning them a place in the marketing toolkit. However, marketers often struggle to navigate a largely opaque and disorganized process in which it can feel like influencers hold all the cards. Hear how leading influencer platforms, agencies and brands are developing truly effective campaigns by:
• Identifying the right influencer for a brand by using detailed audience demographics and psychographics versus mere influencer aesthetic and reach
• Paying a fair price for talent by leveraging historical data
• Developing differentiated campaigns by merging data insights and creative ideas on emerging platforms
• Measuring a campaign’s contribution to sales instead of its likes and comments

Throughout the presentation, the following themes bubbled up in conversation:

The identification challenge of influencer marketing:

Viewing influencers as content creators, not billboards:

Interesting people and content resonate with millennials:

Authenticity is key in influencer marketing:

Everyone has influence, it’s just a matter of how much a particuliar person has and the platform they use to disseminate their expertise:

The growth of influencer marketing:

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