Julius Influencer Spotlight: Daina Falk

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Growing up around sporting events, Daina Falk took the two things she loved most, sports and food, and fused them together. To become a master at her craft, Falk studied in Florence and Paris where she took both fine and culinary art classes. While taking cooking classes, she became immersed in European culture which cemented her lifelong interest of culinary endeavours. Daina incorporates healthy eating with tasty combinations for the “Hungry Fan” looking for a satisfying meal on game day!

1. What are some elements of an authentic social media partnership?

I think the keyword in that question is “authentic.” Nail on the head. When one grows an audience of followers, one must keep in mind that they aren’t looking to be sold to — particularly things that don’t jive with one’s brand or beliefs. Selling out is therefore not an option. Working with brands and products that are in-line with one’s beliefs and brand identity is everything. It augments what one can offer one’s audience.

I only work with brands that fit into the sports fan lifestyle that I curate as the head and face of Hungry Fan. If I wouldn’t eat it, use it, try it, wear it, etc., I don’t post about it.

2. What is the most fun you’ve had working with a brand or media outlet for a campaign/appearance?

I love when I get to do things in-person or on-camera. Having fronted lots of media for several years now, including for NBC’s Universal Sports (digital platform) at the London 2012 Olympic Games, for CBS for two Super Bowls and for CNN (Headline News) for one Super Bowl. I’ve really grown to enjoy working with brands and networks on-site. If there’s good food there that I get to talk about/eat on-camera/etc., even better! (I do love to eat).

I think my favorite of all my gigs was working for CNN to cover the 2014 Taste of the NFL at the NY/NJ Super Bowl. The Taste is an incredible non-profit organization that I loved promoting on-camera (I’ve known the founder for several years and he is quite literally the nicest person you will ever meet). The Taste also features 32 of the nation’s top chefs representing the 32 NFL franchise cities, plus several other (honorable mention) chefs. The food at The Taste is always amazing and to be able to be there “for work” was priceless. It didn’t feel like work at all. Only thing I need to remember for future (similar) opportunities is to wear an elastic waistband!

3. If you had one piece of advice to give someone about how to build a personal brand over social media, what would it be?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned so far — which is tough if you’re trying to monetize a personal brand that you’re building via social — is that social media is not a marketplace. If you’re trying to sell products, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. . . . they are not the place for that. Social media is wonderful for reaching and cultivating your audience. And I highly recommend messaging directly with your audience so they truly feel that you’re listening to them and that you’re interested in what they have to say. But trying to sell to them via social? No go.

4. What types of collaborations have you done in the past? What companies are you slated to work with in the near future and in what capacity?

In the past, I have done social posts with Pomì, an Italian tomato products brand. I came up with and posted recipes for them multiple times a week on Facebook. I’ve similarly worked with Cin Chili sauces as well. I have also worked with Frito Lay to help promote their Flavor Swap Lay’s Potato Chip program.

Media-wise, as mentioned, I worked with CNN (Headline News), CBS and NBC.

Coming up, I will be working with Home Shopping Network as an expert in game day and likely with a league for postseason tailgating coverage (online and on TV). I’ll also be working with HEB grocery stores in Texas.

5. Which influencers do you follow for inspiration and what makes their content special in your opinion?

I follow several influencers in the food space — particularly friends of mine in the game day food space such as a Foodchasers and Sportsfoodie. They find great game day eats at stadiums and sports bars, which I often share with my audience. Since I can’t possibly be at every stadium or sports bar on game day, I really appreciate that their awesome social posts can help fulfill my audience’s needs when I cannot as one person.

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