Julius Influencer Spotlight: Joe Miragliotta

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JoesDaily.com is a men’s interest blog by Joe Miragliotta. Fueled by creativity and lots of coffee, Joe is constantly scouring the internet for the best in gear, technology, style, entertainment, and more. His goal is to provide his followers with fresh content daily, and to continue on his ascendant path.


1. What inspired you to become an active travel blogger?

I have always wanted to see the world and share my experiences, so becoming a blogger only seemed natural.

2. How should content differ from one social platform to another to be most meaningful to each audience?

The content you share on one social channel shouldn’t be replicated on another. If you have fans that follow you on more than one social channel then chances are they don’t want to see the same content throughout their feeds.

3. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve encountered when working with brands?

Communication and transparency is key. The worse thing a brand can do is not convey what they’re looking for, and casually change the dynamics mid-way through the campaign. It’s best to lay everything out on the table in the beginning so both parties are happy.

4. What influencers do you follow for inspiration, if any? What makes their content special in your mind?

I’m a huge fan of many popular vloggers on YouTube right now. They give me inspiration to start up my YouTube channel again. Casey Neistat is a great daily vlogger who is inspirational for his quality and consistency, while Mr Ben Brown is a killer lifestyle adventure vlogger that takes you on a journey each week.

5. What is the one item that you can never leave home without for a trip?

Technically there are two, because they’re part of what makes my business run: my MacBook Pro and my Canon DSLR camera.

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