Julius Influencer Spotlight: Josh Katz

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Josh Katz is all about skateboarding, photography, and adventures. At the age of 8 he was given his very first skateboard and by the age of 9 Josh received his very first video camera. Put the two together? You get an ascending YouTube sensation. Josh resides in New York City continuing to influence his young audience and bring entertainment to the YouTube world.

1. What is your favorite social platform and type of content to share?

It’s a tie between YouTube and Instagram. I love YouTube because I’m incredibly biased, I love making videos, and I feel a strong sense of community on the platform. I’ve been making YouTube videos for the last 10 years, which is over half my life. I can barely remember life without YouTube. Instagram is great because I get to put less thought into my posts and show off my photography.

2. Which brands have you worked with in the past and which has been your favorite campaign that you’ve been a part of?

I’ve worked with brands such as Mountain Dew, GoPro, AMD, and Penny Skateboards. Penny is one of my favorite clients because they’ve always given me complete creative autonomy, green-lighting some seriously wacky ideas.

3. What are some of the biggest challenges you see when working with brands?

Finding the perfect equilibrium between satisfying your viewers and your client can be challenging. My viewers tend not to mind branding, as long as it’s relevant and tastefully integrated. Yet some brands want you to be incredibly overt, use their hashtags, etc, which can make for inauthentic content. It’s always a pleasure working with a brand when they appreciate subtle integration as much as I do.

4. What is one city or destination that you would like to visit the most?

I’ve been dying to visit and photograph Alaska! I’m currently on a mission to hit every U.S. National Park, and Alaska has a surplus of them! It also seems like it’s impossible to take a bad photo out there.

5. How should branded content differ from one social platform to another to be most meaningful to each audience?

Ideally, all social content should be good enough as stand alone content. For example, if I’m posting a 20-second video on Instagram to promote a YouTube video, that Instagram video should still be enjoyable to watch and not just blatant promotion.

6. What influencers do you follow for inspiration, if any?

Casey Neistat for his cinematography and Grace Helbig for her creative ideas and humor. She’s a genius.

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