Julius Influencer Spotlight: Just a Pack

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Randi and Michael are two friends from NYC who decided to embark on a multi-year journey throughout Central America, Europe, and Asia in 2014. Now, they live out of their backpacks and travel on a budget full time. Just a Pack was created to inspire others to travel long term and give them the information and tools to do so no matter how big or small their budget. The duo believes in responsible travel and is dedicated to promoting organizations and efforts around the globe that are committed to giving back and making a difference in their local communities.

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1. You first began your travels in 2014, what inspired you to pack up your life and travel the world?

We both had a deeply rooted desire to travel, to wander the world and see new places, meet new people, and grow our perspective about life on this wonderfully confusing planet of ours. We had read a few other travel blogs in the years leading up to our departure, Wandering Earl being one of them, and we were inspired by those who led this lifestyle before us. We, in turn, wanted to inspire other people to explore the planet, and so Just a Pack was born.

2. How many countries have you visited thus far? Is there a specific city/country that you haven’t yet had the pleasure to visit, but would like to one day?

On our journey together we have visited 32 countries. There are SOOO many places we would like to go, including South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Argentina, and countless of other destinations. Contrary to the popular saying, our world is far from small. It is vast, and filled with wonder.

3. Do you ever think about returning home to NYC or do you think that you will end your travels anytime soon?

We hope to be on the road together for at least another two years, but the success of our site has made going home a non-starter. Neither of us want to live in NYC again.

4. What kinds of brands or organizations do you typically work with for sponsored opportunities?

We have worked closely with a few larger DMOs (Destination marketing organizations), but we generally prefer to travel at our own slow pace, and therefore eschew most of the press trips we could possibly participate in. We like to get a good feel for every place we visit and a whirlwind press tour is not something we find enjoyable. However, we have successfully developed long term relationships with organizations like Czech Tourism, and The Croatian Board of Tourism, which deliver all sorts of long term opportunities that we happily participate in.

We have worked with brands like Osprey and LifeStraw in exchange for product reviews. However, we choose the products we agree to review very carefully, and only if we think others might find them useful as well.

5. Who are your favorite travel bloggers to follow for inspiration and what makes their content stand out in your mind?

Wandering Earl for his introspective views on wanderlust and life, and his kindly nature towards anyone who he crosses paths with.

Nomadasaurus for their sense of adventure, their commitment to ethical travel, and their humor.

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