McDonald’s influencer strategy, we’re lovin’ it!

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By: Karin Swanson

McDonald’s has dove head first into the waters of influencer marketing. Over the last two years, they have worked with hundreds of creators to positively position themselves with consumers and catalyze conversations on social media. One reason why influencer marketing is so attractive to markers is that the strategy can support multiple brand goals.

Back in November, the fast food giant lanched a new app to help locate stores that were selling a limited time menu item, the elusive McRib. The McRib Finder gave users the ability to identify which of the fast food chain’s over 16,000 restaurants sold the limited item.

In order to advertise the app and promote the menu item, McDonalds used influencers Matt Hall, Nick Hall, & Cody Johns to showcase the product to millenials on Instagram. Brothers Matt and Nick Hall mentioned each other in their posts, adding a conversational element to the campaign. Cody Johns highlighted his admiration for the McRib in such an authentic manner that his post garnered a 16% increase in engagement over his typical metrics. The campaign itself sought to portray the brand in a positive light, specifically aimed at a younger audience.

Another recent McDonald’s influencer intiative was their #AllDayBreakfast campaign featuring Kandee Johnson and Gregg Sulkin. The pair created 3 separate pieces of content on Instagram, two videos and one photo each, to boost awareness of the offering. Overall, the campaign was incredible successful, reaching over 1.3M video views and nearly 300k likes (not bad considering the average post on McDonald’s owned Instagram account typically receives less than 100k views).

McDonald’s #AllDayBreakfast influencer campaign

One theme within each of McDonald’s influencer campaigns is that the brand allows creators to remain authentic to their individual audiences. This is highlighted in their campaign featuring mommy bloggers Katie Ryan, Joo Kim, and Miko Bowen. It’s safe to assume that the purpose of working with these three bloggers was to to represent their brand as being family oriented and mom-approved. Katie Ryan and Joo Kim both featured pictures of themselves enjoying a McDonald’s coffee with their child in the photos.

Katie Ryan (left) and Joo Kim (right)

Ever since the days of their Michael Jordan and Larry Bird commercial, McDonald’s has invested huge money into celebrity and influencer endorsements. Working with creators has allowed McDonald’s to portray itself as both a ‘hip’ brand to millennials, reach higher engagement on social, as well as brand itself as a family oriented chain to moms.

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