Top 10 Most Followed Beauty Influencers

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Beauty influencers completely reshape how consumers choose what makeup to wear and what skincare products to buy. Top brands such as CoverGirl and Sephora work with hundreds of creators throughout the course of the year for sponsored integrations. Today, we take a look at the most followed beauty influencers.

10. Andrea Russett

Primarily known for her music videos and cover songs on YouTube, Andrea Russett gained traction amongst females between the ages of 17 & 19 and began giving her insights on fashion and beauty. With quick looks and photo tutorials, Andrea quickly started growing her social media following on Instagram where she currently has over 3.8 million followers. As one of the most popular social media influencers, Andrea has partnered with major companies like Pizza Hut, AT&T, CoverGirl and Sour Patch Kids to create integrated marketing campaigns.

Andrea Russett CoverGirl Video

9. Bunny Meyer

Known by her username, grav3yardgirl, Bunny Meyer started her YouTube channel in December 2010 and was mainly utilized to document her paranormal experiences when she visited graveyareds. After seeing minor success, Bunny transitioned her channel to focus on beauty, fashion and lifestyle topics, even performing products reviews. Bunny’s current endorsements include BeautyCon, Sigma Beauty, and Tarte Cosmetics.

8. Carli Bybel

Makeup, beauty, fashion and fitness guru, Carli Bybel gives easy to follow tutorials on creating makeup looks and pairing together the perfect outfit for any occasion. Targeting females between the ages of 20 & 24, Carli’s followers also follow major makeup and fashion brands like Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics, and Forever 21. Also passionate about animal rights, Carli uses her platform to speak out about causes like animal welfare and animal cruelty.

7. Eva Gutowski

YouTube sensation Eva Gutowski, also known as MyLifeAsEva, is a fashion, lifestyle and comedy vlogger who shared sketches, travel footage and DIY beauty tips. Currently a student at Cal State Fullerton majoring in Broadcasting, Eva has been growing her following exponentially and ranks in the Top 100 fastest growing channels on all of YouTube. Focusing on fashion, beauty and DIY projects, over 88% of Eva’s followers are females and 60% are between the ages of 17 & 19.

6. Rachel Levin

From makeup do-it-yourself tutorials to Disney princess sketch comedies, Rachel Levin creates weekly videos for her 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Understanding her influence over young teen girls, Rachel leverages her social media platforms to discuss social issues about acceptance, education and anti-smoking. With a passion for fashion and the top beauty styles, Rachel has partnered with brands like Ted Baker, Hollister, and Tarte Cosmetics to create sponsored social posts.

Rachel Levin Hollister Post

5. Michelle Phan

As an award-winning content creator, Michelle Phan is a digital pioneer whose videos have been viewed more than 1 billion times. Named to Forbes’ 2015 30 Under 30 List, Michelle has incredible influence over women between the ages of 17 & 24 who are looking to enhance their beauty game without breaking the bank. L’Oreal and Verizon have previously partnered with Michelle for specialized products and integrated social media campaigns.

4. Marzia Bisognin

Italian creator most well known by her username, CutiePieMarzia, Marzia Bisognin posts videos every Thursday that style updates, make up advice and travel documentaries. With over 6.7 million followers on YouTube, Marzia recently worked alongside Zoya to create her own brand of nail polish and developed a partnership with Reelstyle Creator Company to give her biggest fans a subscription beauty box. Connecting and resonating with a teen audience, nearly 60% of Marzia’s followers are between the ages of 17 & 19.

3. Bethany Mota

Under the name, Macbarbie07, Bethany Mota created her YouTube channel in 2009 and quickly rose to popularity due to her relatable haul videos. Using YouTube as a way to escape bullying, Bethany frequently travels to give talks on anti-bullying and empowerment. Each video gives her followers recommendations on products and how to pair fashion items to create the best look for less money. With an eye for style and an incredibly faithful following, Aeropostale recently teamed up with Bethany to launch her own clothing, perfume and accessory line of products.

Bethany Mota Aeropostale Collection

2. Sandi Ball

Since 2010, Sandi Ball has kept her fans on top of the hottest nail art designs, DIY nail techniques, and latest nail polish styles that are currently trending. Recently teaming up with 4 more nail artists, including Hannah, Juli, Minnie and Miri, cutepolish produces daily design videos Monday through Friday. Expanding the brand beyond YouTube, Cutepolish launched an interactive video game and mobile app called Polish Blast. Because of the group’s influence amongst young women, brands like Best Fiends and Monster High have teamed up with Cutepolish for sponsored social posts.

1. Zoe Sugg

Hailing from London, Zoe Suggs, also known as Zoella, is a fashion and beauty vlogger who has been sharing her favorite makeup purchases on YouTube since 2009. Due to demand by her faithful followers, Zoe created a second channel to document her everyday life and what she does day to day. Her increasing popularity has led her to secure a book deal with Penguin books and her own beauty collection. An icon amongst teenagers, 60% of Zoe’s followers are between the ages of 17 & 19.

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