Travel Influencers Are Your Ticket to a First Class Campaign

Working with travel influencers can mean big conversion rates and engagements for your brand.

Over 15,000 brands have an influencer marketing program in place, spending an average of $2.5 billion a year on influencers. Industry spend is estimated to grow to $10 billion by 2021. Travel is the 8th biggest spender for influencer marketing initiatives, reporting an average of $18.98 in earned media for every dollar spent on Instagram alone in 2016 (source). Instagram has become the preferred hub for travel influencers because of their ability to capture post and curate spectacular images of different destinations around the world while also creating a certain aesthetic for their own profiles. Travel influencers can enrich your brand and amplify it in a way no other method of exposure can.

On average, Julius subscribers save 45% of all costs associated with talent sourcing and social activations vs. using an agency. Our goal is to help clients find the right influencer for their campaign while maximizing both cost and time savings; it’s about using data driven insights for maximum efficiencies. Whether it’s the millennial and younger followers inspired to travel the world by travel photographer Ben Brown, or the Gen X audience travel-specific mommy blogger, Stefanie Michaels (Adventuregirl) the possibilities for exposure for your campaign are endless.

The Julius platform includes:

  • 1.3K+ travel-specific bloggers/influencers currently on site with social reach ranging from 34 million to less than 1K
  • 4,000+ influencers interested in travel and exploration across all verticals
  • 150+ Travel-specific Mommy Bloggers

Here’s some of our top picks for travel influencers on the Julius platform:

Eleanor Calder

Total Reach: 7M
Platform with Highest Reach:
Average Engagement on Instagram: 147.1K
Fun Fact: She’s not just about travel. Eleanor posts about fashion and her outfits on
her blog.

Louis Cole

Total Reach: 5M
Platform with Highest Reach:
Average Engagement on YouTube: 76.6K
Fun Fact: Louis filmed a documentary called Beyond Borders, where he traveled to 22 countries in six continents over three months.

Lauren Bullen

Total Reach: 2M
Platform with Highest Reach:
Average Engagement on Instagram: 111.2K
Fun Fact: Lauren went to the
only elephant shelter in Kenya with TripAdvisor and LiveLokai to support the International Rescue Committee.

This is just a small snapshot of what Julius, the top data-driven influencer marketing platform, offers. We have an extensive database of over 70K influencers in various categories, along with contact information, demographic data, brand history, and of course, reach and engagement. With our campaign management tools you can launch a successful campaign in half the time, review immediate results and manage changes easily and flawlessly. But don’t just take our word for it, take it for a spin today and see for yourself!