Flex SaaS Marketplace Solution: New Sharetribe Product For Your Business

Julia Kush
May 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Software development is not a piece of cake. It is a complicated process that includes a lot of significant components like planning, design, development, testing, launch, support etc. And the development of high-quality online marketplace is no exception.

Generally, in order to carry out the efficient development, you need to find a balance between two things:

  • on the one hand, it needs to be fast and simple in order to achieve high-quality results as soon as possible, and without any hassle;
  • on the other hand, the marketplace team needs to have full control over the processes and add as much customization as possible.

When the idea is clear, and the decision regarding the start of the development process is made, 2 options are possible.

  1. Development From Scratch

No doubts, it is the best way to get an impeccable customized solution for your business. But unfortunately, it has its cons. Building software from scratch is rather expensive and time-consuming. This option cannot cater to the specific needs of a certain entrepreneur.

2. Marketplace Builder

Online marketplace builder is the thing you can switch to when thinking about the best decision. A software solution of this type will let you grow your web project within the shortest terms and with minimum efforts. This option does not allow as many customization features as the above-mentioned type of development. However, currently, this is the best combination of time and efforts required, as well as quality and customization obtained.

Sharetribe: The Solution We Keep Returning To

  • Sharetribe Go

The most prominent advantage of this solution is that no development skills are needed to make your idea come to life. The solution takes care of all the issues by itself, and when the time comes to move on, you can easily switch to another platform.

  • Open Source Sharetribe

You can access this solution via Github, and you need the help of IT specialist to deal with it. Its open source version hands over full control over the processes to you, as well as increases the customization opportunities. It is more difficult technically in comparison to Sharetribe Go, but it still is a great alternative to developing a custom solution from scratch.

Sharetribe Introduces Flex

We have gathered some information about Flex for your awareness. So, here is a brief overview of Flex functionality:

  • Flex is a subscription-based SaaS product;
  • It is easy to set up;
  • No technical skills are required to use Flex;
  • The price is quite reasonable;
  • Great customization features;
  • Convenient management of the payment workflow;
  • It is a hassle-free way to start your marketplace.

Browsing the marketplace, customers usually pay their attention to 2 significant things: the interface they see and the experience they have. At the moment, the information concerning Flex functionality, usefulness and performance comes only from a few websites developed using Flex and brief information from Sharetribe contributors. What we’ve heard so far is quite impressive, so we cannot wait to see the product itself and provide you with our comprehensive review.

Final Thoughts

Source: https://roobykon.com/blog/posts/92-sharetribe-introduced-the-new-saas-marketplace-solution-flex

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July RoR

July RoR

How I study to make a publications

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