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Inheriting a language

When your platform is no longer suited to internationalise.


In order to understand where the most pressing challenges lie at this point, let’s have a quick look at the demands a new market brings.

  • different financial rules
  • all content in different languages
  • possibly multiple languages per country
  • different lawmaking
  • different URL structure
  • different information pages
  • different localisation rules like date notation
  • different ways to do promotions and attract attention


In order to know what the next logical step is to make, you’ll have to have a vision for where you want to be in the foreseeable future.

Since N!=1 when it comes to language and content, the strain of maintaining these by a dev-team will put a toll on your release cycle.

  • I18N and L10N will have to be sequenced in front of the release of the feature, therefore slowing everything down
  • bug fixes won’t strictly be about functionality but also about content changes

The responsibility of tech

Typically, it is the responsibility of Tech, to enable business to pursue their goals. Technology should be an enabler, and not a blocker. It never should act or be perceived as such.

The responsibility of business

Besides holding the wallet and determining where to invest in, business should also provide the content and be able to adjust it at any given moment within the boundaries of the built framework, to maximise profit and stay true to strategy and corporate identity.

Technical implications

Relaying the responsibility of publishing content back to the business comes with am myriad of technical implications. But there are a couple that I’d like to highlight here.

(multiline) strings

When it in example comes the text on a button, it is important to have a translation engine that allows the translator to understand the context of the string that he or she is editing. Usually this becomes the identifier.

  • NL: “Volgende”
  • etc.
  • easily add new translations
  • differentiate based on context and action


The majority of cultural differences are solved in content and doesn’t have to be engineered by developers. To reduce (and therefore strengthen) a solution to an enabling platform, it makes sense to start working with a headless CMS.

Hey techie! But what about the BUCA

That’s a hard one. It’s easy to see why there’s a BUsiness CAse in the long run, but it’s hard to put it on the agenda. So why is that?

About that Weight

  • Make sure that strategy is factored in properly.
  • Make sure NPS is factored in properly
  • Set the value of the change in proposition off, to the value of entering a new country with a completely new product

About being Short

  • invest in the system
  • transition static to dynamic, until >50% is transitioned to dynamic
  • only then create a roadmap to proactively migrate



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