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Why to ask questions

Especially when you think you know the answer

Aikido is the art of neutralising an attack, not an opponent


Whenever emotions are running high and pressure builds within a person or a group, the force on a direction increases. It’s like the bull engaging at the red piece of cloth. You can start measuring forces and fight with it, but the odds are against you.

Temporary Deafness

When you are convinced of you being right — this goes for your opponent, as well as yourself — , you become deaf. You “know” that the other person needs to absorb the information you provide, and surely they will see the world differently, right? If only they could listen!

Sending and receiving

The sender is focussed on the other party receiving the information and acting upon it. And not at all focussed on the other party sending new information. So what can you do to break this lock and take all this emotional and passionate energy to help you, as well as the sender to see the same reality?

Asking questions

When you ask a question, it should be relevant to the subject the other party is talking about. What helps is when you paraphrase the gist of the message the other tried to convey. This reduces the need for them to recite over and over what their point of view is. You confirm you’ve listened actively and you would like to inquire more information about the proposal on the table.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Nah not really. Asking the right question well, takes a lot of training. But I promise that it will benefit you the moment you start training the skill.

  • relevant for the subject
  • doesn’t contain a hidden message (stick to a question, not an opinion ending with a question mark)
  • addresses what you don’t know, or what the other didn’t address
  • is a genuine question
  • phrased in the wording used thus far, or applicable to the audience


Doing so, can lead to two things:

  1. Someone else gets new insights



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