Announcing Uber Bike by JUMP

Piloting a new way to bike share

Jan 31, 2018 · 4 min read

Today, JUMP Bikes announced a new pilot program with Uber: Uber Bike by JUMP. Uber Bike by JUMP will open up access and create a seamless experience for residents of San Francisco to find and rent JUMP’s electric bicycles directly from the Uber app.

Our mission at JUMP Bikes is to build the bike you want. A bike that can take you farther, get you there faster, and be the most fun to ride. A bike that you don’t even need to own, doesn’t cost a penny to maintain, and is always nearby when you want it. If we achieve this mission then we’ll see more people on bikes — meaning greener, more accessible, and healthier cities.

With Uber Bike, we’re excited to offer JUMP’s e-bikes to Uber’s San Francisco users as a new and environmentally friendly option to explore and navigate their city.

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Uber Bike by JUMP

Solutions to Go Beyond Downtown

If you live in a city that has implemented dockless bike share solutions you may have already experienced the convenience and freedom of finding a bike nearby and taking it exactly where you need to. This is the true potential that we’ve been working towards when we launched the first ever dockless bike share system in the US in 2013 — to provide a new transportation option that connects underserved neighborhoods to the rest of the city.

It wouldn’t be an honest conversation about dockless bike share without addressing the potential downfalls of #bikelitter that many cities are facing. At JUMP, we are one of the only dockless bicycles that feature true-locking design with an integrated u-bar that requires riders to lock bikes to existing bike racks and parking infrastructure. This thoughtful approach to design not only allows for hybrid station/dockless bike share systems but it is also why less than 1% of all JUMP rides result in an improper parking complaint.

Electric Bikes Bridge The Gap Between Cars and Bikes

Over the past eight years we’ve deployed 15,000 (non-electric) bikes in over 40 markets including Portland, Atlanta, Santa Monica, and New Orleans. We’ve gained tremendous experience but also realized that to accelerate the adoption of bicycles as a daily mode of transportation we would need to electrify them.

We’re seeing riders travel 3x the distance per ride on a JUMP bike in comparison to a regular bike

In DC and SF, where JUMP electric bikes are on the streets, we’re seeing riders travel 3x the distance per ride on a JUMP bike in comparison to a regular bike. This is proof that JUMP e-bikes allow you to go farther, faster, and have more fun. JUMP bikes are an evolution of bike sharing that bridges the gap between cars and bikes. Partnering with Uber allows both companies to explore a future where shared bikes and shared rides work together to reduce car ownership by providing the right solution for each trip.

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A frictionless JUMP rental in Uber

After SF, What’s Next?

That’s a good question. The answer today is, we’ll see.

The team that we’ve worked with at Uber have been great partners and have provided insight, talent, resources, and a passion for biking that has blown us away. Our collective task now is to analyze and optimize usage as best as we can given that JUMP is limited to 250 bikes in San Francisco for the next 9 months. We’re experienced enough to know that our solutions impact neighborhoods and therefore they impact the homes and businesses of the people within them. Beyond analyzing the data, we’ll continue to meet with as many local community groups and policy stakeholders as we can.

The goal for both JUMP and Uber is to connect more parts of the city and offer an affordable alternative to other modes of transportation. If successful, we’ll have surprised a few people along the way and will introduce them to a new transportation option that they love.

See you out there,

Ryan Rzepecki, CEO of JUMP

If you’re an SF resident, you can join the Uber Bike waitlist right from the Uber app or at

You can also access JUMP bikes via the JUMP app for iOS and Android.

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