It’s Official – We Launched Stationless Electric Bike Share in San Francisco!

Jan 23, 2018 · 3 min read

Making Pedal Assist E-Bikes An Affordable Option For SF Residents & Visitors.

Last week, we brought JUMP’s stationless electric bikes to San Francisco. We’re proud to partner with the city, residents, and community groups, and proud to launch our fleet of 250 e-bikes just a week after receiving a permit from the SFMTA. To ride, download the JUMP app for your smartphone or visit to learn more.

JUMP Bikes SF Launch Video

JUMP’s Electric Bikes Conquer San Francisco Hills

JUMP bikes seem perfect for SF’s hills and traffic woes. If you haven’t ridden a JUMP bike yet you’ll want to get used to the e-assist which provides a boost as you pedal and can reach a speed of up to 20mph. There’s a lot more to like about our bikes as well:

  • Class 1 250-watt pedal-assist motor
  • Concealed brake lines and enclosed roller brakes
  • Durable, kevlar-lined tires
  • Integrated bike lock which promotes responsibly locking to bike racks
  • Battery powered front and rear lights, bell, basket, and cup holder
  • Proprietary theft-proof hardware

Ryan Rzepecki, our CEO, said, “This is a major moment for us and for San Francisco — where we can offer a bike share that embraces and serves even more residents. We’ve spent the last three years developing a quality e-bike that makes biking around town easier, faster, and more affordable. That’s especially important here, where the topography, the limits of storage space, and the cost of owning a bike, much less an e-bike, are real barriers for many SF residents.”

Unlike other dockless bike share systems, JUMP features a true-locking design that requires riders to secure the bike to a bike rack or designated parking infrastructure at the end of each ride. For SF residents, this means that sidewalks, streets, and even public and private property are kept safe and clear of the “bikelitter” that other cities are grappling with.

A System Designed By Locals

Formerly Social Bicycles, we were founded in New York City in 2010 and have had a team in SF since we launched our first pilot here at SFO airport in 2013. Our approach to entering each market begins by hiring local residents who care about bike share and the future of their city. Furthermore, all of our bikes are assembled and managed by a team of 16 people in a warehouse in Bayview-Hunters Point.

“Our 2017 pilot program in Bayview was a major step for bike-sharing,“ shared Meaghan Mitchell, SF Community Outreach Coordinator and a Bayview native and current resident. “Starting last year, we had a packed calendar of meetings, rides, events, and tabling opportunities with community groups to help design the most accessible and equitable program possible.”

“This is just one of the ways we hope to change the narrative about residents in my neighborhood, and many like it, who historically have been the last to know about equitable initiatives like bike share. We still have more ground to cover. Our ultimate goal is to leave no neighborhood behind. This is crucial to our success in creating an affordable transportation option for all San Francisco residents.”

Rides are $2 for the first 30 minutes, and prorated to the minute after that. Riders can sync their Clipper card to their account for unlocking bikes. Cash payment is an option for low-income residents, who can sign up for the JUMP Boost Plan, a $5 annual membership.

We’ll leave you with the words the SFMTA used when they described us.

“JUMP Bikes has demonstrated a commitment to San Francisco’s priorities of providing a safe, equitable and accountable bike share system and is the only company to have fulfilled the requirements of the SFMTA’s stationless bike share permit application,”

Thanks again, SF. We’re thrilled to make the next 18 months count. Let’s ride!

JUMP is bike share electrified. We create the hardware and software to take you farther, get there faster, and make every ride fun. JUMP bikes are designed in New York, NY by people who love bikes and care about the future of our cities.

Learn more at

JUMP Bikes

JUMP Bikes

Stories about bike share. Most of the time.


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JUMP Bikes

Stories about bike share. Most of the time.

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