Buying A Scooter Mini Ramp

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5 min readMar 6, 2019


If you’re in the market for a new scooter mini-ramp you’ll be faced with a few options. Before buying, you should decide what you intend to do with it as mini-ramps come in all shapes, sizes and price brackets. Also, you need to make sure the ramp suits your experience and capability as some larger ramps may prove dangerous for inexperienced or younger riders.

If you are on a tight budget, the cheapest way to a useable scooter ramp is build one from timber. This option will require some handyman skills, access to tools and ideally some level of experience with ramps. How high should it be? What’s the ideal profile? How do you make it safe and strong?

While DIY wooden scooter ramps are the cheapest option, they do come with a few downsides. A properly constructed ramp will be heavy, so it will be limited to use around your property, if you have a safe and usable area. If it stays outside, the timber may need treated to prevent the surface from becoming slippery.

Unless you’ve got some DIY skills, homemade ramps can be shonky.

Another option is the small plastic toy ramps that can be purchased from any local Walmart or sports store. While these ramps are very low cost, many riders have encountered problems due to cracks and breakages and more importantly, their tendency to move and slide when being used. Unless these ramps are anchored to the ground, they are likely to slide leading to potential injury. Therefore many riders have an inherent fear of these types of ramps and tend to stay away. New York scooter Pro Jon Reyes discusses these vey issues in a recent YouTube post

We know of people cracking these ramps within minutes of using them.

These ‘toy ramps’ are cheap but have a reputation for sliding during use.

The next option is to consider a professionally built steel framed ramp. These ramps will be super strong and have the correct profile for optimum use. While costing more, a professionally designed scooter ramp will save a lot of time cutting wood and banging nails. You will also have confidence that it will not fail or move while in use. One of the main drawbacks of steel ramps though is their weight. Once assembled it will usually take two to three people to move it even a short distance, so if you don’t have an area where it can stay full-time, it can become tiresome having to constantly get help to move it every time you want to use it.

Jumpack — the best ‘do everything’ scooter ramp?

Another option, and possibly the best ‘all-round’ option is the new personal mini-ramp by Jumpack which provides the ability to literally ‘Get Air Anywhere’. The Jumpack is completely unique as it is the only ramp on earth designed to go everywhere you go. At only 6kg this scooter ramp has all the benefits of a steel scooter ramp but incredibly, can be folded into a custom backpack and carried to any location! One very famous skater recently described Jumpack as ‘the biggest advancement in ramp technology in a decade’. For a ramp that’s carried in a backpack it’s pretty big too, with a maximum take-off height of 430mm / 17” with two lower Height settings also possible. See it in action here:

While costing around the same as the heavy steel alternative, Jumpack comes with many added benefits including Patented Anti-Slide technology, a ‘Transformer’ style deployment action which allows the ramp to be set up in a matter of seconds and a modular feature which allows you to connect multiple ramps together side-by-side to create even bigger ramps.

Multiple Jumpacks click together to form larger ramps.

The best advantage with this ramp though is the portability, essentially this ramp is your personal kicker that you can take everywhere. It allows you to create riding opportunities everywhere. The usability of this ramp was demonstrated recently by World Scooter Champion Jordan Clark and Nitro Circus Scooter Pro Jamie Hull

Jon Reyes uses his Jumpack to create a wall ride.

Jamie Hull whips his Jumpack

Riders also use Jumpack to enhance skatepark features.

With Jumpack you can quickly turn any space into a ride spot.

If you are currently trying to identify the best Scooter ramp to develop your riding, do some research before making a purchase. We suggest you start here