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2020’s Azure, Office 365, and SharePoint Conferences

COVID-19 update: Please note that the listing below is likely WILDLY out of date due to the impact of Coronavirus across the world. I put together an alternative listing of online conferences. Check that out first.

We’ve already found ourselves in 2020, which means it’s time to put that new year’s resolution — treating yourself to well-deserved professional development experiences — to work!

This is an annual tradition for me dating back to 2016 and I do my best to keep a list together of upcoming conferences that cover topics related to Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and even Azure.

I’ve got the list in two formats to best help you in your planning process. THey are linked below in a calendar view (so you can see obvious overlaps and compare to your calendar) and a helpful spreadsheet format that lists them all in a central view.

Click above for your viewing format of choice.

If you know of an event that’s missing or you hear of new ones being announced, please let me know via tweet, @thatmattwade. I will include any relevant event, but I draw the line at local user groups. Far too many to keep track of. Thanks in advance!



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