Every Aspect of Your Life Improves When You Live Your Life With A Purpose

#2 Problems and Failures Don’t Get In The Way.

Jun Wu
Jun Wu
Sep 29, 2020 · 8 min read
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Most of us are on autopilot. Many of us are intentional about our choices regarding our relationships, careers, and health. However, how many of our waking hours do we spend living with intention?

When you are worried about minor problems during your day such as being late to a meeting, how your spouse might react when you raise a concern, and how your children might talk back when you enforce a rule, it points to the gap between living your life with a purpose and merely going about your day.

When you live your life gearing toward a purpose, time becomes a precious commodity. Everything in your life: your emotional energy, physical energy, health, and even love become resources that you direct toward your purpose.

When you see your life in this way, you intentionally set your life up to continuously replenish these resources so that you can spend all of your available time to fulfill your purpose.

From my experience, you will experience a spiritual awakening. But, when you’ve awakened, you will see your entire life change. The way that you engage with the world, along with how you spend your days, will change dramatically.

When you’ve found your purpose, you know at the core of your heart that you are finally living the life that you’ve always wanted to live.

Planning Your Life, Work, and Relationships

If you have a 9 to 5 job, that’s great. If you have such a position that fulfills a higher purpose, then you are super lucky. When you live that higher purpose every day, you start to plan private life, your relationships, and your work intentionally around this purpose.

Having a vision about your projects, whether it’s home projects, work projects, or self-improvements, might be great, but what if you had a vision for your entire life, 5 or 10 years down the line?

You choose where you want to live, the house that gives you the greatest inspiration, the city where you have relationships that are valuable.

You decide who you want to surround yourself with when it comes to work and play.

You choose what type of family you would like to have.

You choose how many hours you devote to work versus play.

You decide how you want to spend your downtime.

This power of choice is not ego-driven. If every choice is devoted to serving your higher purpose, then you are choosing intentionally.

Each time you make a choice, you are choosing your destiny over your ego.

You are no longer making choices in autopilot. Instead, you make your choices intentionally with a bigger vision and plan in mind.

Problems and Failures Don’t Get In The Way.

It’s easy for us to feel down when we think we’ve made the wrong choice, or when things don’t work out. But, when you live your life with purpose, there’s no such thing as the wrong choice. You are simply living life and experiencing everything it has to offer.

Even in the problems and the failures, there are lessons to be learned. When you go through the wrong paths, you figure out the right directions and the right tracks. In the emotional downturns, you are finding the motivation for joy.

You will no longer see anything as black and white, success and failure, or problems and solutions. Instead, everything is an experience. You make decisions whether you want to embark on the experience. Then, you are content, no matter the outcome.

Giving and Receiving Becomes Arbitrary

Many of us who have the scarcity mentality have a tally in our minds. We tally up what someone has given us and measure it against what we have given them. The giving and receiving puts everything in a bucket: love, gratitude, happiness, sadness, success, failure, etc..

Can you keep track of all of this in your mind?

When you live your life with a purpose, all of your giving and receiving are all automatically tallied. You don’t want to spend your life tallying up how much you have given versus how much you have received.

You much rather experience the range of emotions from making an impact in every moment of your day.

The range of emotions is not necessarily joy and happiness. But, because you are focused on the experience, you enjoy the good with the bad. You enjoy the darkness as well as the light. You learn that the whole package makes the experience worthwhile because as always, every experience serves your higher purpose.

You are grateful for every experience.

You Use “We” A Lot More Than You Use “I”

Even in your journals, you will notice that you are using many more “we” than “I.” This is because you are now a part of different groups that serve a higher purpose in your life. Your family members are the ones that you intentionally put together to create personal happiness that will better fulfill your purpose.

Your relationships outside of your family will motivate you toward your cause and help you every step of the way. Your work relationships will seem that much closer, refined, and genuine because chances are, you are all working toward the same purpose.

In every group, you feel that trust and togetherness. You know that everyone sees your vision in one form or another. You feel more socially oriented in your engagement with them. You are motivated to take the “I” or the ego out of every conversation you have with them.

The result is that you become more patient, listen more, and engage in relationships with empathy.

Your Emotional Life Becomes More Steady

Yoga and meditation are techniques to help you manage your emotions. Mindfulness practice motivates you to examine your choices and reflect on your decisions. But, when you live your life with a purpose, everything is up for examination.

As you are going about your day, because you feel the responsible for your actions toward your goal, you will examine every choice closely.

If you had 15 minutes free, what would you do with it? When you are on autopilot, you might decide to spend it in front of the TV. But, when you live your purpose, you might spend some time planning, sneak in quality time with your child, or do some yoga. You want to use that 15 minutes productively to set yourself up to take more actions toward your purpose.

Now, you are intrinsically motivated. You are motivated whether you are sad, happy, or depressed. Your emotional states no longer drive your decisions.

You know at your core that you will perform actions every day, as much as possible toward your goal, so you do it.

It doesn’t mean that you neglect your emotional life. You may spend more time later taking care of your emotional life after finishing your work. You intentionally set aside time to resolve your emotional issues to embark on your adventures to attain greater perspectives.

Everything In Your Life Will Converge

When you live your life with a purpose, everything in your life will converge. You no longer look at your career, private life, friends, weekdays, and weekends as separate entities.

Instead, you look at them as a whole. You are engaging authentically in every part of your life to serve your higher purpose.

So, everything, down to the detail of how you raise your children, will, in some way, relate to how you serve your higher purpose.

You will not care about being congruent. Instead, you are congruent with your thoughts, words, and actions. You will be speaking from your heart. Your mind, your heart, and your body will align.

As you align as a person, you will feel that, your entire life, 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, will align as well.

Your purpose forces you to figure your authentic self out from each experience that you have. Your authentic self continuously reinforce that alignment.

Everything Becomes Easier

When you are living your life with a purpose, initially, it may take some adjustment. But, after a while, you feel the flow of things. You start to feel that sense of “oneness” with the universe. Opportunities will just come your way. The universe rewards people who live in that alignment. People gravitate toward people who live in their authenticity and alignment.

People will know you for who you are. You are no longer worried about how others see you. You state your truths and hope for the best.

The universe will show up to support you in a way that you have never envisioned. In turn, you will feel this sense of hope, even in your darkest moments. You will feel a rush of motivation that you have never felt before. Even when everything is uncertain, you will feel “good things” will happen.

So, live your purpose. If you ruminate on what choices you’ve made thus far, how these choices made you feel, or what you are supposed to be doing, then notice the gap in your own alignment.

Take concrete steps to find your purpose. Once you do, everything in your life will work out. You will plan out and execute each step with vigor. Things that you haven’t planned will naturally work out.

Because only by living your purpose can you truly live in your alignment and authenticity.Only by living your purpose can you indeed be present every moment of every day.

Pretend you are a fish, don’t attempt to swim upstream. Instead, find your purpose, and swim with the tide.

Let your life flow with grace.

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