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[DL] 12. Unsampling: Unpooling and Transpose Convolution

1. Motivation

Figure 1. Fully-Convolutional Network for Segmentation with encoder-decoder structure, from [7]

2. Unpooling

Figure 2. Illustration of Maxpooling, from [1, 7]

2.1 Nearest-Neighbor

Figure 3. Illustration of Nearest-Neighbor, from [1, 7]

2.2 Bed of Nails

Figure 4. Illustration of Bed of Nails, from [1, 7]

2.3 Max Unpooling

Figure 5. Illustration of Max Unpooling, from [11]

3. Transpose Convolution

Figure 6. Illustration of convolution operation with 3x3 filter and stride of 2, adapted from [1, 7, 11]
Figure 7. Illustration of 1D transpose convolution, from [1, 7, 11]

3.1 Why it is named ‘transpose’ convolution?




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