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[Review] 6. YOLO ver 2

1. Contribution

2. Limitations of YOLO

3. Applied methods for YOLO2 to improve from YOLO

3.1 Batch Normalization

3.2 Training Classifier with High-resolution Input

3.3 Convolutional with Anchor Boxes

3.4 Anchor box selection with K-means

Figure 1. Clustering box dimensions on COCO and VOC, from [1]
Table 1: Average IOU of boxes to closest priors on VOC 2007, from [1]

3.5 Location Prediction

Figure 2. Bounding boxes with dimension priors and location prediction, from [1]

3.6 Finer-grained Features

Figure 3. YOLO2 structure with a passthrough, from [3]

4. Conclusion

5. Summary

6. Reference



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