Amended — Final Report — 35 Wabash Avenue — Zoning Amendment (Ward 14 )

Link to city file.

Main points in report 
Removal of the windows on the east wall where the building abuts the property line.
ii. Limiting window openings on the east and west elevations to approximately 40 percent of the wall area with the remainder to be clad to the satisfaction of the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning.
iii. Reducing the proportion of window to wall on the south side of the property to address a typical side-yard to rear-yard relationship, including limiting principal windows and the proportion of windows to wall, to be in the range of 25 percent.
iv. Submission of detailed plans showing the necessary soil volumes provided to ensure healthy tree growth.
v. Appropriate depth of the rooftop planters at the edge of the roof.
vi. The submission of a construction management plan which will also be to the satisfaction of the Ward Councillor.

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