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June, meet the world.

Allie Sutton
Oct 11, 2018 · 2 min read

We could not be more excited and eager to announce the launch of!

About two years ago, after spending countless hours each day and week processing our emails and never getting ahead, we started to wonder —

We are living in the age of cars that drive themselves and a computer in our pockets but we still have the monotonous, cumbersome and stressful experience of managing and processing emails every day. Why?

To answer this question we learned everything we possibly could about email. What we learned is that email was built over 45 years ago as a simple messaging tool between two computers.

Guess what… it’s hardly changed since.

Over time, the inbox has grown to become a communication hub for all online communication and information, from important conversations with customers and stakeholders, to the chaotic gathering of receipts and confirmations. Our team has looked at every alternative, but email and the inbox were never designed to be the center of our online world.

Although that experience leads to so much stress, our world has come to accept it as an inconvenient reality.

We refuse.


When we started, we knew we needed to take a different approach. We couldn’t just build a better inbox — others tried, but it just didn’t solve the problem. We needed to play a different game, on a different field.

We decided to take a first principles approach and really challenge the foundational elements of email by going straight to the root of the problem and developing real solutions.

So, rather than build a better inbox, we imagined what a digital communication hub would be as if email never existed.

Our goal while creating June has been one thing and one thing only: to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. How? By creating a clear, simplistic communication hub around your existing email.

June is designed to be different. June is designed to be better.

Now, meet June…

June is a communication hub for your digital world.

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