After out-performing the market in 2020, Jungle urges Founders to ‘Build to Last’

Jungle Ventures
Sep 23, 2020 · 3 min read
From left, Amit Anand, David Gowdey, Anurag Srivastava, Partners Jungle Ventures

2020 continues to be a challenging year for founders. Any growth is hard-fought. Business performance and potential is under greater scrutiny than ever. In this new reality, we are urging founders to ‘Build To Last’. To prioritise sustainable growth over accelerated growth.

‘Build To Last’ sets Jungle apart from other VC’s in the region. Now, with the unique pressures of 2020 front of mind, Jungle is reaffirming its belief in planning for the long-term. In building businesses that stand the test of time.

‘Build To Last’ has always been Jungle’s defining principle and it has helped make 2020 a record year for Jungle. Our portfolio companies have raised mega follow on rounds, Waresix raised $100m and Indonesia’s largest Series B fundraise, Sociolla raised $58m in Series E funding and Livspace announced its $90m Series D raise. Jungle also secured 3 major exits, starting with Paysense to Naspers, Pokkt to Anymind Group and the latest, Tradegecko to Intuit despite it being a challenging year for many due to COVID 19.

This success is years in the making. In our commitment to ‘Build To Last’, Jungle has always taken a consolidated portfolio approach, focusing on a select few capital-efficient businesses each year, nurturing them with hands-on leadership development, providing dependable long-term capital while helping with capital structuring, co-investments, and strategic partnerships. This philosophy has enabled Jungle to build a curated portfolio that has market leading companies in every category- Kredivo in Financial Services, Pomelo in Fast Fashion, Livspace in Home Design and Living, Reddoorz in Budget travel, and many others where today this portfolio is valued well over $4Bn, almost 4.5x growth since entry and growing.

Build To Last also defines our approach to exits. While we have delivered 11 exits in the last 8 years selling companies to global brands like Intuit, Naspers, Twitter, Homeaway, and Rakuten, we strongly believe that an exit is not just an important milestone for the investors, it’s the beginning of another growth chapter for the founders. It is our role to help founders leverage the larger platforms and scale the business to renewed, global heights and in turn, continue to benefit the local startup ecosystems.

Thinking long-term will only grow in importance. With 5 years of digital growth happening in 2020 alone, we expect entrepreneurial activity in the region to accelerate. And we are excited to begin an ongoing, high-value conversation with the regional founder community as part of our commitment to help the large ecosystem. Over the coming months we will be offering advice on how start-ups build to last with practical guidance on everything from attracting talent to leveraging strategic capital, to when and how you pursue cross-border expansion.

As we move forward with hope & caution, we are inviting like-minded investors & founders to join us. We are calling for the most ambitious amongst you to lean into our expertise & embrace the ‘Build to Last’ philosophy.

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