Selling One Million Dollars Worth of Product (for charity!)

Greg Mercer
Mar 28, 2017 · 4 min read

One of my proudest achievements last year was launching a product on Amazon, selling over $200k worth of it, and donating the proceeds to Doctors Without Borders.

A team photo with our giant cheque — this is the second cheque, with over $50k donated so far.

I didn’t do this alone, as you can see in this photo above. The Jungle Scout team helped me to document every step of the way, to share as a fully transparent case study: The Jungle Stix Collaborative Launch.

Amazon can be quite a guarded community, and with good reason too. FBA sellers and eCommerce entrepreneurs keep their products and business information close to their hearts, because of rising competition. No one else in the industry had done a case study of this depth with so much transparency before.

That’s why I knew this was just the beginning of something huge. We covered so much in the Collaborative Launch and got a lot of humbling thank you’s and positive feedback:

⭐ “Thank you guys for going the extra mile to make the entire process of private labeling start to finish more real & understandable.”

👍 “This is BY FAR the best webinar I’ve seen about product launching, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!”

💯 “Very well done to you for taking the time and going to the effort of putting this together so coherently for those like myself that are just about to dip a toe in the pool that is FBA.”

👊 “This is going to be so helpful once I’m ready to take the leap into amazon FBA.”

But selling on Amazon, and eCommerce generally, is a big topic. There is always going to be more things we can expand on or improve.

So, when we celebrated a new year and moved into 2017, I set a new, ambitious target for myself and the Jungle Scout team.

We’re going to sell $1 Million Dollars worth of physical product.

Enter the Million Dollar Case Study

We’ve since started on a similar journey to the one we took last year for the Collaborative Launch. However, we’ll be covering more content in more detail, and providing the most up-to-date information for finding and launching a product right now.

We invited a bunch of experts…

Some of the best experts in the Amazon space and ecommerce industry are going to be joining us along the way. Including sourcing experts, intellectual property experts, freight and shipping experts and many more.

And we’re willing to try new things…

As this case study will span over the course of the year and beyond, we haven’t been too prescriptive with exactly what we will do to sell $1 million dollars worth of product. (We would literally set up a stall at our next company get together, but that doesn’t really fit our ethos of making money online 😉).

I can say with some certainty that we will be trying out some new and undocumented tactics, such as selling in multiple marketplaces or launching our own eCommerce storefront. The goal is to include a full cycle, from start to finish, from the basics through to the advanced tactics seller’s can adopt.

Once again all profits will be donated, the chosen charity will be announced in due course.

All in the name of transparency…

When I left my corporate job to chase my dream as an entrepreneur selling products online, there were many things that I became frustrated with along the way. I created Jungle Scout (and a suite of products) to help other business owners find success and save time managing that success.

Though I think our software provides the most powerful tools for Amazon sellers, I have always placed a huge focus on creating and sharing free, informative content too. That’s our motivation. If we can help others to succeed and generate a lot of money for charity in the process, it makes us super happy!

The team posing with some Jungle Stix

Join Us!

Interested in following along? Amazon is a huge opportunity and continues to be a fast-growing Marketplace internationally. Whether you’re already using FBA as a side hustle, running a full-time Amazon business, or interested in getting started: this is going to help you!

You can see the growing updates from the case study here. Plus you can sign up if you like, so that you never miss an update.

Jungle Scout

Greg Mercer founded Jungle Scout in 2015 as the solution to finding great products to sell on Amazon. We strive to give entrepreneurs the tools & resources to launch and grow successful Amazon businesses.

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Jungle Scout

Greg Mercer founded Jungle Scout in 2015 as the solution to finding great products to sell on Amazon. We strive to give entrepreneurs the tools & resources to launch and grow successful Amazon businesses.