Next steps for the Jungle TestNet

Our recent Jungle survey has generated over 45 responses, thank you all who took the time to respond! This exercise has been very helpful in revealing the path forward for the jungle testnet. You can find the full survey results in this link. The following is a summary of insights and some conclusions drawn from the results.

There is an overwhelming majority of responses in favor of resetting the jungle. It is clear the community wants to move forward with a new blockchain. Details will have to be worked out and sufficient time allowed to prepare before the reset takes place. As of today no date has been set for the Jungle reset.

The majority of responses also show that starting a new chain should only be considered under special circumstances when the testnet may become unstable or syncing nodes becomes problematic. Planned periodic resets were presented as an option but it is apparent that general sentiment is to run the chain as long as possible as long as there is no reason for a reset.


A new blockchain will be launched and a community policy for resets will allow for future resets only when necessary.

While 50% responses reflect there is value in having a “like production” testing environment. There are many considerations regarding this path, especially security concerns that arise from utilizing the same key pairs as on the mainnet and a testnet which could introduce additional risks for users.

The most practical path forward would be to use the ERC20 snapshot to start the blockchain, however considering many responses are in favor of maintaining their current jungle accounts, the current consensus regarding this decision is a to use the ERC 20 snapshot and offer users the option register have their current jungle accounts and contracts migrated to the new chain.

Account and Contract Migration

The responses are not strongly in favor of just migrating those accounts that opt-in, but there is a clear benefit to not including stuff that isn’t needed or will never be used. Due to this reason Cryptolions has offered to work on a script that will facilitate migrating accounts and their contract’s code. This script will be run only for accounts that opt in using a registration form provided on the Jungle Testnet website (coming soon!). The current Jungle chain will continue to run on a few Cryptolion’s nodes and will remain accesible for some time, this will allow for migrations to take place even after the new chain is launched.

Next steps for the Jungle

  • Launch jungle community website with migration registration form.
  • Develop Account Migration Scripts.
  • Start a new chain and run migration scripts.
  • Register producers on new chain and switch network monitor.
  • Start a new chapter in Jungle History.
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