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28BYJ-48 5v Stepper Motor — How Many RPM Can I Spin This Thing?

RPM Configurations & Industrial Conveyor Belt — ArduSerie#68

Hello, I had to configure to the maximum RPM of the 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor … but it only ran below 30 RPM :/

conclusion: this type of motor is used for cameras, air-conditioners, scanners etc when one wants certain accuracy rather than speed; for a design of a Industrial Conveyor Belt I think it is more suitable a simple DC motor; but this is subject to another post; Suggest, please, I'd love to hear suggestions:)

I want to use it for a prototype of an Industrial Conveyor Belt (very similar to the photo below…well, not really:/) but the speed of this type of stepper is very low … anyway, I have studied all the possible configurations of 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor available for hobbyists and now I share it with you :)

A Top Test Bench for Industrial Conveyor Belt (see vivacity.com.br)

My test bench for an industrial Conveyor Belt prototyping is a lot more humble…. Simple and ordinary. Sorry, it is not an engineering masterpiece. We’re just doing the initial explorations, me and my son …see video lab:)

I used: Cardboard, board for ULN2003 and 28BYJ-48 5v Stepper Motor, Thermal Printer Paper Rolls, Arduino Pro Mini, and hot glue.

Well, now I want the speed compatible with the speed of an old Turntable CD Vinyl Vitrola Vintage… remember its speed is 33 and a half RPM; but, just not:/ it does not reach a mere 30RPM:/ It’s frustrating!

Anyway here are the codes with the hardware and software configurations I used (in case you want to repeat the experiment there in your atelier:)

Code I & LAB I

Up there I’m using this Board: ULN2003 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor & Arduino Uno IDE 1.8.5. The ideal result is?

Better solution: @waitingTimeOf_2s@5v resuts 14.5 rpm Max

Code II & LAB II

Up there I’m using: Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino kit — v1.2 & 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor & Arduino Uno IDE 1.8.5. See comments above for the result:).

Of the settings available in the Adafruit Motor shield library, check which one fits best for the 28BYJ48 5v Stepper Motor and results in a higher RPM;)
In order to pass the test the stepper must complete the lap three times at least in both directions; then we put in a single direction and manually measured the RPM (see video); note that all the figures are on the maximum possible limit”]
Above the specified values the motor will stall:/ (see it for yourself).

Realize that we can get to 24 RPM, but we will have problems with motor heating in exchange for a fall in its useful life. Not an intelligent option, right?

Better solutiuon: 500speed@5v resuts 15 rpm Max


I drew a circuit with L293D Motor Drive DIP 16 Pin IC; the code simply makes the motor spin at 24 RPM without stopping. The code is trivial, but what is important is the connections below;

Up there I removed the L293D chip from the Adafruit board and plugged in a breadboard. It was an emergency, I already provided the online chip …

Unique Solution: 24RPM@12vSo, in conclusion, of the options presented, L293D solo results in a higher RPM: 24 RPM at 12 v
Using the L293D solo results in a higher RPM: 24 RPM at 12 v

And That’s it!

Let me know what you guys think…I see you guys in the next episode;)

Thank you for the visit!

Download All Files For This Project

In this video I make the implementation of all possible configurations to increase the RPM of your stepper motor; I did not use the video acceleration to give you an idea of the actual speed of your stepper motor. Calm down anxiety;) if you do not have patience do not watch;/ QUITE FRANKLY, it’s long and very technical=)

Credits & References

Adafruit Industries Learning System


Jangeox’ blog

All About Stepper Motors PDF-format by Adafruit

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